Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Ladies From the Old Good Time

This is a clip from a famous TV show used to be aired on the National Egyptian in 1970s presented by Tarek Habib and sweet Mona Gabr “you do not see this kind of TV hostess anymore”. The TV show used to host two stars from the same era or from the same career and ask them questions about life and career.

The guests in those clips where the famous Egyptian belly dancers Tahia Carioca and Samia El-Gamal.

I just want you to watch it if you understand to see how they were ladies , real ladies unlike Dina, Lucy and Fifi Abdou.

To be honest I love Tahia whether in her dance or her acting capabilities or her character then Samia. She was much cooler , I mean “Magda El-Sabhi”as “Shafa’at” in woman’s youth film !!”

Tahia for those who don’t know was tough political activist and she was sent to jail once after the coup 52 for the charges of being communist !!! Tahia was an excellent actress and most of my generation ignore that in 1960s and 1970s she used to present political plays.

Now from my  new obsession: The Life Magazine Archive :

  • Samia Gamal and her American husband Pat “Abdullah King” ; Samia Gamal  and her American husband Pat KingSamia married Pat in the hope that she would be a star in the  Hollywood in early 1950s. In the end she realized he was using her and they had a divorce.She returned back to Egypt. Samia appeared in couple of Hollywood films filmed in Egypt as a belly dancer, I think one of them was the valley of the kings “Her future husband and Egyptian Cinema legendry hunk Rushdie Abaza was the stunt of Robert Taylor”
  • Tahia Carioca, not a big collection but a beautiful smile.

Tahia Carioca Both Tahia and Samia married Rushdie Abaza , of course Samia’s marriage lasted from years where as Tahia’s marriage did not last for couple of months if I am mistaken. Tahia had an immediate divorce after she knew that Abaza was cheating on her. Abaza was a well known womanizer for sure.

Here other very two rare photos from Samia Gamal dancing in a gala party attended by King Farouk in July 1950.I must say that during that time Farouk began to be criticised in the Western media for what they considered a reckless life of a ruler.

 Samia dancing in European gala 1950Samia dancing in Europe Gala 1950 attended by King Farouk

Despite they were rivals Tahia and Samia , Tahia was polite towards Samia despite her well known temper that made many people fear and hate her. Tahia once gave one hell lesson to a royalty from Mohamed Ali Family who was drunk and crossed the line while she was presenting her number in Badia Masabany Casino.

She loved Queen Farida and She danced in her wedding.She declined to dance in Farouk’s second wedding from Queen Nariman. Instead Samia danced on the famous song of Farid “Nora Ya Nora”

Tahia is the aunt of famous actress and former famous model “Rag’a El-Gadawy”.

I am little bias to Tahia because I consider her an extraordinary example of the real Egyptian Woman character.


  1. JEANETTE FEGHALI??Who is SHE? some may ask,but when you say Al SHAHROURA>>SABAH or Al SABBOUHA.. or>> SUN OF ALL THE SUNS in Arabic>> SHAMS EL SHMOUSS,as Late/GREAT comedian Mr.ABDELSALAM ALNABOULSSI niknamed HER IN THE 1960s?? SHE was renowned all over the Arab-Speaking world,as SHE spread HAPPINESS all around for over 6 decades and even a bit more..and to this moment,as SHE sadly passed away on 26-November 2014 aged 87? As we millions of her admirers Celebrate.yes >>CELEBRATE<>>HER and that LOVE will remain as a beacon of loyalty among them,HER presence was a great JOY to all her surroundings..HER sense of humour was immense,just her presence, (lets assume for the sake of an argument),to a funeral..could have changed that sad atmosphere,and make the mourners look at life with rosy specs......SHE sang cheerful songs also sad ones too,but even in her sad ones, there was some effort to cling to HOPE...as if her voice ment indirectly ,that this is not the END ,but a new beginning, a new era in one^s life!!


    ..young & old/male & female/rich or poor they all enjoyed HER songs and acting anything SHE participated in,as SHE was real hard worker and prompt in her appointments attending any venue SHE appeared in!! ..SMILE & LAUGHTER were HER trade-marks,people never witnessed HER tears,even ONCE!! all that happened behind curtains and in solitude...even though her life was full of tragic events,also HER 6-7 marriages endured disasters and problems too difficult to handle ,but SHE did ..with wisdom given by Mighty GOD whom also granted HER with that GIANT talent,making us all HAPPY??with HER great voice and presence, anywhere,anytime....SHE loved LEBANON with all her HEART & SOUL,and loved EGYPT not less than that.. and love was between them..MUTUAL & GREAT..too?? ...I chose this blog of >>>>ladies of the good old tim<<<<,reas? i want to tell a fact about Madam SABAH & late/Great Belly dancer Madam SAMIA GAMALs rivalry...and disputes back then in my Next COMMENT/Insh^ALLAH/Love to all from London/Is-Hak Barsoumian......May>> SABAH/SABBOUHA/JEANETTE FEGHALI Rest In heavenly Peace..Ameen,

  2. SABAH or SABBOUHA (Miss Jeanette FEGHALI)...As i did mention in my previous Comment,SHE married at least 6 or 7 times?due to all this SHE was abused and called many ill/bad names...by very SICK jealous/UGLY haters,All jealous of HER GOD given talents and great success in whatever SHE was doing on RADIO/T.V/SILVER SCREEN AND CONCERTS all around ,even in the U.S.A/Britain/France and some S.American countries where LEBANESE + Arabs are huge in number there!!...SHE took all that and as we say in a COOL way,and never responded ..following the saying DOGS BARK AT A PASSING >GEMS< LOADED CARAVAN??? in Arabic, AL QAFILA TASEER WAL-KILAB TANBAH/ SHE had better things to do than fighting low/common adversaries! ..BUT when she fell in love with Late/Great Arab Screen^s ROMEO or Arab Cinema^s CLARK GABLE ,Mr.ROUSHDI ABAZA ..things deteriorated for HER,as HE was married to Madam SAMIA GAMAL the best ever Belly-Dancer in EGYPT and the world without exaggeration,nicknamed as THE Bare-foot Dancer,as their marriage was on the rocks and going through dark patches ,also Mr.ABAZA had a problem with heavy drinking ..unfortunately..that took HIM away from us in 1980??Also SAMIA GAMAL(Her screen name)Had some kind of vandetta against SABAH ,goes back to the beginnings of SABAH in Egypt,meeting Late/GREAT crooner/composer and genius LUTE(OUD) player Mr.FARID AL ATTRASH...whom was a long time partner of Madam GAMAL even HE sang>> GAMIL GAMAL especially for HER ,and to HER,HE was nicknamed HABIB EL OMR>>>Love Of My Life, Together both acted over 10 movies,but when Mr.ATTRASH liked to adopt SABAHs TALENT AND AS A next door neighbour in early 1950 s...things gone worst between GAMAL & ATTRASH ,who used to compose music for SAMIA GAMAL to dance ..on//also in 1956 acting in>>> THE SECOND MAN>> movie or, AL RAGOL AL THANI..with Madam GAMAL and ROUSHDI ABAZA... and SABAH encouraged a new Belly-Dancer named NADIA GAMAL A Greek( MARIA CARYDIAS) from Alexandria(Egypt) appearing in HER & Mr.ATTRASH s many movies.,the bubble burst!!! As a>>Tit for Tat or(Revenge) against ATTRASH, Madam Samia Gamal introduced a new Lebanese 1956 singer named Mr.MOHAMMED MER-EE in a film called>> AWAL GHARAM >> or FIRST LOVE in 1956/. all this in the end led to their divorce i mean SAMIA X ROUHDI s and a short period marriage for SABAH & Mr.ABAZA??...This is only one of the 6/7 marriages that she went through and all the hassle SHE endured...let alone the rest 6 others ?????? also loads of work,as SABAH was strong & brave enough to face it all without any schedule changes or postponing any work or court cases appearances///////....GOD bless them ALL...now that they are all in their heavenly dominio anbd heaving PEACE....and as we all say LIFE IS TOO SHORT...but still goes on with the living, if only THEY KNEW THEN.??..well as the French say C^EST LA VIE??...GOD bless them and us too /yours truly Is-Hak BARSOUMIAN/LONDON


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