Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Don’t Need that Sort of Magazines

I read about it before and I thought it does not worth to comment about then I found it in the Huffington Post and BBC Arabic.After all it is not an usual thing for the so-called conservative Middle East to have an erotic magazine like “Jasad”.

I do not think we need this magazine , we do not need it. Eroticism believe it or not is not something new in our culture ,read the original Arabian Nights and Old Arabic Poetry . We do not need it at all in this time. I do not know why all what we think about is sex , sex ,sex all the time when we need to think about other issues in our lives !!

With my all respect to Joumana Haddad ,the Chief in editor but we need these pages to be full of more important things according to my retarded point view , we need Arabic National geographic magazine ,we need Arabic Time magazine. We need historical and scientific magazines.

We need FREE governmental control Magazines like the 1940s Rosa Al Youssef , Akher Saa and Maussawer !!

Of course I am retarded conservative Egyptian Arab girl who should not open her mouth because this is the freedom of expression !! Well everything has its pros and cons , this is from the cons of freedom of expression with all my due respect.

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