Monday, December 1, 2008

When will you admit it Admiral Fadel ??

I do not know when Admiral Ahmed Ali Fadel; the CEO of Suez canal will admit that the Suez Canal will face hard time in the coming days. When will he admit that the Suez canal’s revenue will decrease and thus our main national source of income will be affected !!??

He does not want to admit that Somali Pirates will and are affecting the naval movement of the Suez canal negatively !!?? He does not want to say it , he is always denying this fact despite that Egypt herself agreed to participate in any action against the Pirates of Somalia according to the latest and the first regional conference regarding the piracy. I followed his statements for a month  including his last statement in front of the parliament.

My dear friends already the big commercial and oil companies decided to change their naval courses for instance Maersk ordered their shipping fleet to use the cape of good hope instead of the Suez canal.They won’t afford losing one of their ships ,already I noticed that there are no more updates about the Saudi Oil tanker!!??

It is not only about the Piracy but also it is expected that the revenue of Suez Canal will be decreased thanks to the international Economic crisis and the expected economic recession in the world.Less trade means less movement ,it is logic !!

There are realistic officials who confessed that we will be affected either ways but there are other dreamy officials like Admiral Fadel who believe that we are doing fine despite the revenue of October 2008 was the lowest for the Suez canal this year !!??

Of course the realistic are few and can be counted on a single hand !!

I just wish they stop lying or hiding the truth for once in their miserable life.

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