Monday, December 1, 2008

Why would Pakistan get involved in such attacks ??

I can’t find a good reason that Pakistan as a State would be involved in the Mumbai attack. Seriously what gain would Pakistan have from such attacks ??

Already Pakistan is suffering enough.

Yes the terrorists are from Pakistan according to the confession of the 21 years old terrorist whose picture is everywhere but still this does not mean that Pakistan as a state is behind this attack !!

India should not seek war because if things are escalated to this level then it should remember more people will die in that war than in Mumbai from both side.

If it really respects the lives of those who died on these days ,then it should not seek war.


  1. It isn't the people or the state of Pakistan, but what if it's ISI that neither the people or state of Pakistan can get under control?

    What choices does India have then?

  2. I agree with you more people die in a war but you have to realize India has been at un-official war with Pakistan since last official war of 1971.
    Pakistan has two governments, one elected by People and other run by Armed forces called ISI.

    The People's govt. can't even send ISI Head to India, even after saying so.
    Pakistan Peoples Govt. tried making ISI an Executive arm, but it failed.

    ISI has it's own agenda of breaking-up india into 10000 pieces. Pakistan's domestic Terrorism casualties are a small price to pay in the process.

    So how will it do it? Create Hindu-Muslim divide.

    India can't defeat ISI without defeating Pakistan in an Official war. Period.

  3. Pakistan has been running these type of operation for a long time , they have been supporting taliban for sometime, now that they have to turn against taliban to help the US , this is a good time to sponser attack on india. they have been runing a proxy war against india for a long time and since it has been supporting the US war on terror againt taliban and others they are in their (US) goodbooks and this is a ripe time attack india.

  4. Hi, this is Vinay Chawla from Mumbai, India.
    well, being an indian, u might find my views biased for my nation, but this is not about the benifits for pakistan. they always get indulged in such activities that are more for other's loss than their own benifits. Examples are a plenty, even the best scientist of pakistan was unfortunately not an exception. I am From MUMBAI in INDIA and i have faced all this very closely, my life has been very much affected due to this attack. We guys are going through this agony. The groups like LeT, Al-Qaida and People like Dawood Ibrahim are openly growing and wandering around on the streeets of pakistan and their government is either not willing or not able to stop them...
    so what option are we Indians left with? Who will be responsible if somebody again comes and throws a Granede in my house? I ask you the same question. Can you just sit quitely waiting for some force like america or an imputent force like UN to rescue you in such situation?
    With All due respect Dear, All i want to say is that every body has a right to protect his/ her home from the infiltrators and intruders. So is what we are trying to do. It is actually a bad luck that we are having such a neighbour, who can transgress any limit just to disturb my nation...
    this is all i wanted to say to your question. Pardon me, if you feel insulted or find anything wrong in that.
    Well if you want to continue the discussion, contact me at

  5. First of all I am happy with the reactions here.

    @anonymous#1, why would the ISI seek a war that turn against them ??

    @anonymous#2, again what gain the ISI will get from turning India in to small pieces ?? do they want to include other parts to Pakistan ??

    @Voice#3according to what you said ISI or Pakistan is doing this with an American approval ,how and India is from the biggest allies for the U.S ??

    @Vinay, please accept my condolence for those who died last week. I understand what you mean and I totally respect it , but let's not repeat the mistake of 9/11 and the U.S with the invasion of Iraq
    those groups you are speaking are just pawns by other bigger countries that do not give a damn for your country and for your neighbor my dear

  6. Lashkar al Taib and other Al Qaida allies would be happy to sacrifice 10 or 15 young men in order to reinvigotate the tensions between Pakistan and India. This will help the Talibani on the Afghanisan front because the Pakistani army might have to reduce its pressure on the NW tribal area in order to protect its southern border.

    There probably are some radical elements still in the ISI but Pakistan has a recently elected government that much prefers peace with its neighbors to the South and the North.

  7. There is more evidence that the Mumbai terrorists came from Pakistan than there was that Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11.

    The ISI has been trying to breakup India by using terrorists for many years now (It is not just Kashmir, they even supported sikh terrorists).

    But India should not make the same mistake as the US after 9/11 and should show more restraint.

    Already Pakistan is falling apart as a nation. In a few years it will break up into 3 or more countries (like Yugoslavia) - a Pashtunistan, a Baluchistan, a Sind and a PakPunjab. If India takes any overt action, this would just unite the Pakistanis and delay the breakup.

    Best thing is to let the US handle the terrorists and watch Pakistan fall to pieces on its own

    In any case Pakistan has its own karma to reckon with, see

  8. @Misrcribe , I do not know about the radical remaining parties in the ISI , I feel that the ISI are more military ,they are using the Islamists to fulfill their control

    @Dave, I do not want to see Pakistan fall in to pieces on its own , because it is not good to anyone even to the west

  9. @Dave,the link does not work ,are you sure it is working !!??

  10. One cannot deny the fact that although pak is such a poor nation, with so many internal issues, the government spends a huge chunk on defence, even though Pakis have been the first to attack on all occasions that an Indo-Pak war happened.

    They have been disputing kashmir since 1948

    They have a big presence of jihadi elements that force them to behave more militantly. The enforced establishment of sharia law in the Swat valley through Taliban is a good example for presence of such elements.

    Due to this approach of Pakistan there have been two full fledged wars and a two tending to wars in the past. The militant behavior of Pak led to the 1971 war which backfired on Pakistan, leading to the division of the country into Pak and Bangladesh.

    Still ISI and Pak go on doing things and denying them.
    The US is another culprit in the whole issue. In order to create their presence in the Asian political scene, they have gone too far in destabilising nations such as Pak and Afghanistan by providing them with weapons and money for military development.They were the ones who indirectly supported the Afghans and Jihadi elements during the Russian pushback.


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