Saturday, January 10, 2009

Algiers protests

The Algiers protests on Friday were so violent and angry in unbelievable way. The Algerians headed towards the Egyptian Embassy to protest after the prayer of Friday. After that it was like a battle scene.

The Anti-riot forces had to stop the angry Algerians from going to the Egyptian Embassy but unfortunately in the wrong way , the only way the anti-riot forces know it in the Arab world.Already I do not see why it turned so violent. May be because the Algerians are little hot temper , we always fear their anger when we play football with them to be honest. “ of course what happened from Hossam Hassan from couple of weeks there is not acceptable”

I saw the photos of the protests and I felt that I am watching a protest in Egypt with more blood.

People and Policemen were injured from both side in the clashes!!

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On the left an injured police officer and on the right an arrest injured citizen



What this wooden stick in the hand of this police officer and why he is arresting this young man like a thief !!


This is bad , I think Mubarak is the the most hated Egyptian personality in Algeria now and Hossam Hassan is right after !! Of course this photo won’t find its way to our press. I am very sad after all.


  1. 8000-12000 protested in stockholm, sweden on saturday I have photos and links on my blog.

  2. great , God bless you , more and more we need noise in Europe let the world hear us too


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