Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Amr Diab and his L.E 4 Million : The good Samaritan

Egyptian pop star Amr Diab announced that the L.E 4 Million “not US dollars as I wrote earlier” he took in the new year’s eve gala at Dubai will be donated totally to Gaza. According to this the famous singer who is currently in the top gave a donation no other entertainer gave in the Arab world. 

I do not know if he really did because he believes in the cause or because of the criticism or even it is a PR Stunt.

There is a lot of criticism to Amr because he did not cancel his gala concert especially that his rival Mounir cancelled his annual Cairo Opera house concert, still Mounir is different than Amr. Mounir is more political active and is not shy from declaring his opinions that support the resistance since 1980s.

It is good thing but I wonder why Diab did not donate with L.E 10 at least to the Doweiqa victims !! I swear I do not say that the Gazans do not deserve donations but I just do not like these double standards and this act only to impress the public.

BY the a Saudi Business who requested to be anonymous has donated to Gaza US$6.7 Million, I respect this man more because those who really want to help and donate ,do not look for their names to be published in the newspaper.

Also it is not about big money sums , an old Saudi shepherd wanted to send all his sheep as a donation and an aid to the Palestinians but the donations committee in KSA apologized politely and explained to him that they can’t send them like that , he can sell them and send the money. I do not know what he had done but it means so much and it does not need more explanation.

P.S I hate the fact that Tamer Hosni is going to sing for Gaza !


  1. Trust me its only a PR stunt, if they cared, they wouldn't have made these concerts in the first place. And yes he would have donated some to Egypt. So far Im happy that Arab singers didnt come out with a song for Gaza as we realy had it with stupid empty banners that doesnt feed any Palestinian kid, but dont know about Tamer Hosni. Thanks for your great blog

  2. first of all, Mohamed didn't cancel it himself. It was because the state canceled the celebrations for new year's eve. So the only things that were canceled are the official stuff in official venues like the opera house, and so on. and it's stupid because all the private concerts (haifa wahbi for ex.) were not canceled although the more artistically creative concerts were canceled.

    in my opinion the state should not force people to a state of mourning, but it's an act of diplomacy. there are people who want to celebrate after all.

    i also believe that having a party and then donate is much better than just canceling it.

  3. Dear sister,
    hope you are fine.
    I need to comment on this article by saying that
    there is a big difference between Amr Diab and the Saudi Man.
    Amr Diab and Mohamed Mounir are models for many guys and girls.
    Each of them represent his support in his unique way.
    Amr Diab did a great work and also Mohamed Mounir did too.
    Finally I estimate that Diab donate as a result of the competition between him and Mounir.And in the Dwiqa situation both of them didn't do any thing I think.


  4. It amazes me how we allow all the atrocities in Gaza and later on, pay the price of remaining silent (in the form of donations!). It's just too stupid and too inhumane.
    Anyway, what is L.E.5M to someone like Amro Diab? It's no more than a one-night concert...

  5. Zeinobia
    This is the first time I visit your blog. I just want to tell you that you are a respectable lady. You know,...okay, I'll tell you everything, well, I don't usually feel comfortable about blogging in English, you know it is generally known that Arabs who blog in English mostly do this either to defame Arabs or to gain approval by certain institutions that they might get benefit from. It is not always like that, and this is sort of generalization, I can hear you saying that right now, yes, you are right. But when I had a tour in your blog I think you are doing a great job in supporting Arabs and Muslims, may God put this ‘fi mizan hasanatek’. I think by blogging in English the way you are blogging, you set a very good model of how to support our cause. Accept my respect, I’m very unlucky not visit your blog before today, though I know you from twiter and jaiku.

  6. الأستاذة/ Zeinobia
    صاحبة مدونة / Egyptian Chronicle
    " تحية طيبة" وبعد..
    اعتذر عن الخروج من موضوع التدوينة، لكنني أرسلت لك رسالة عبر البريد الإلكتروني تتعلق باستمارة استقصاء بيانات عن المدونات المصرية.
    أرجو الاهتمام والرد سريعا بالإيجاب أو السلب.
    تحياتي وتقديري
    شيماء إسماعيل
    باحث ماجستير- كلية الآداب جامعة القاهرة.

  7. @Ali,unfortunately the race of singers will start , I read Nancy will have its first Palestine song soon ,Tamer of course jumped to the wagon
    You know it is not the songs that do not feed , Abd El-Halim presented wonderful songs that move people up till now because they were made sincerely not like now they all care for money and not for the cause

    @Ahmed , I do not know, I agree with you that having a charity concert is great but not in time where Children are killed in this horrible way , I do not know this year's new eve was not as cheerful for me as the previous year
    About Mounir , yes it turned out as you said , but somehow Mounir shows more real support to the resistance , already as I said his political beliefs are some how well known
    You know I expected that he would his songs from the Lebanese war.

    @Dear Saad, in Doweiqa I remember Mounir sang in tribute them and he donated the revenues of his concert right after the disaster to them.
    You know this competition in the end will harm them both , because people are not naive

    @Nawra, first of all ,welcome to my blog , I think now you know me better than Twitter and Jaiku, second I do not know how to thank for what you said it means so much to me . I know what you mean about those Arab blogs who write in English, I know them from a long time but thank God I am not from them and insh Allah I won't be
    You are the one who should keep up this wonderful blog of yours and please do not take vacations from blogging from time to time.

    @Shimaa, insh Allah I will answer your survey as soon as possible :) thank you and good luck

  8. It doesn't matter why he donated the money, the fact is he did!!
    Atleast someone is trying to do something.

    P.S. sorry, but your english is horrible.


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