Friday, January 23, 2009

The difference between Heart and Hosni !!

I am from the people who admired Michael Heart's song "We will not go down". I felt this song more than any recent crying baby modern Arab songs sang by Tamer Hosni and alike artists across the Arab world.May be because the song of Heart despite the difference in language was more sincere than the songs of Tamer and Co. who only sing and donate to enhance their image in front of their audience . May be because Heart’s lyrics were strong and not crying baby lyrics.Of course I forget to mention that I read that Tamer made a song about Gaza to fit the occasion !!

Unfortunately Gaza became like a sort business to some artists in Egypt; just Singing for Gaza and wearing the Palestinian scarf !! I respect Tamer's visit to the Palestinians despite I know it is a public stunt. If you really care , you will care for all. If you care for the Palestinian cause ,you will care for Darfur, you will care for Iraq,You will care for Somalia .You do not have to wear the Palestinian scarf to show your support if your support was a sincere one. The Palestinian agony is going on.

He did not remember Palestine on the New Year’s just like the rest of singers who sang in 5 stars hotels and Casinos where as Children were killed in Gaza.

I got sick from those actors and singers who wear Palestinian scarves in the first of filming their silly films and TV series !!

Strangely none of those singers or artists remember Gaza during the blockade.
None of those singers remember Darfur.
None of those singers remember the Niger or Somalia.
None of those singers remember Egypt , yes remember Egypt.

On the other hand I should not hide my admiration with the video clip  directed by Lena Al-Sennawy and produced by Khalid Youssef starring  a group of Egyptian actors,writers and directors "actually one director : Khalid Youssef" . Unfortunately this video came so late. "I do not like Somia El-Khashab and Youssra should stop using the botox,it is not bad to grow up and show some wrinkles ,this is a side remark"

Of course I must mention that Khalid Youssef is known for his political views along with other several actors in this clip like Abd El-Aziz Makhion, also most of them are young actors.
What I love in this clip is that it shows in the beginning the claims of the NDP that the Palestinians will invade Sinai and we should not go to war ...etc

The group of artists has a list of demands :

  • To ban the gas export to Israel.
  • To expel of the Israeli Ambassador
  • To break the blockade
  • To open the crossing.

I wonder why no one accused that group of artists of being agents to Iran !!??


  1. i personnaly think that this clip is very good, and that it could touch many souls. keep it up and may God be with the Palestinians.

  2. Well I agree with all the artists demands except for opening the crossing board. It is Egypt's right to ensure its internal security. It is right to allow some cases in but why should we allow our boarders for any one to cross when it is our first line of defence.

  3. @anonymous, it can tough many souls but needed to be aired earlier

    @Mona , who said that we are going to open widely !!??
    already now by the orders of UN there are refugee camps set and ready for the Palestinians in Rafah just in case of another invasion


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