Friday, January 30, 2009


Recep Tayyip Erdogan


The New hero of the Arab street

You can’t believe how many posts I read today from Egypt and the Arab world praising him,already I knew what he had done from the RSS

How many times I told you that the Turks are returning back to the region ??

Of course you may have known that Recep or Ragab as we pronounce it in the Arab world and Egypt made history in Davos today when he withdrew from the world Economic forum after a very hot discussion or rather a clashy confrontation with Shimon Perez !!

Here are the links from the CNN and BBC World. I notice that CNN did not give the news the size it deserves unlike the BBC.You can watch the whole historical incident or rather moment.

The Reaction from Israel : Haartez ,Ynet News


Ragab slammed Israel calling the war barbaric. Already he wanted to answer back what Shimon Perez said in the discussion and it seems that Perez was very nervous and spoke directly to Ragab as it were their own debate. David Ignatius the journalist from the Washington post was moderating the case for the Middle East’s Peace discussion in this year’ world Economic forum. Ignatius was so provocative giving Perez 25 minutes alone to rant about the right of his country to kill civilians …etc where as he did not give a chance to Ragab.

Here is the complete session from the World Economic forum’s channel in Youtube

I respect Ragab for he has done and how he withdrew and slammed not only Israel but also the world economic forum without losing  respect of others regardless of what you may think.

Ragab’s anger was my anger and anyone’s anger for what happened and is still happening in Gaza.

I wish that Mubarak and his regime would learn from Ragab , the Turkish-Israeli relations are much more powerful and more natural than the Egyptian- Israeli relations and yet our Egyptian regime is so submissive to Israel despite it is not about Gaza but it is about our national security.

84538133 I do not know how the Egyptian official regime media will cover this incident, will they attack him ?? or will they mock him “believe they can do it “ ??

They do not consider Turkey as far as I know from the naughty axis in the region that works too hard to move Egypt from the leadership of the MENA region !

84538299 I am happy ,I won’t deny it and I won’t hide. Ragab expressed all what I felt in wanted to say in  those few seconds he said.Also I like what Amr Moussa had said but this would be in another post.

If Perez was nervous ,well he surely forgot that he should not mess with a Turk , because Turks are well known from losing their temper , it is better known in Egypt as the “Zorbona Turki”

BY the way Perez later phoned Ragab to apologize for the misunderstanding.


I know this confrontation will open a door from hell on Ragab but I do not think as a Turk he will give a damn.


  1. I'm sorry, but the turkish and Israli economic relations is much to important to Turkey to change the relationship between the two countries.
    Could be that Erdogan earned some points in the arab world, but from a western perspective - I'm sorry to say - the arab rhetoric is simply boring.

  2. @Anonymous, You want to bet on this ?? already since day one of the crsisi Erdogan was taking the Palestinian side more and more
    Yes the Economic relations are more important , but it is more important for Turkey to become a real role player in the Mideast Region, to have the keys to contact countries like Syria and Iran when while having relations with Israel
    bear in mind what Israel has done in Gaza deserves all that anger.Eradgon is from a party that respects and works on restoring the relations with the Muslim countries around it , do not forget this also

    @Abu Hamza, he may not be a zionist spammer , already there are some people in Egypt suspect the Turkish role also


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