Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Waltz in Gaza

I was reading this interview in Vanity Fair with two generations of IDF soldiers and their view regarding "Waltz with Bashir" when I was surprised at these claims :

The Son :

There were many times I had to sacrifice my life not to shoot a twelve-year-old kid [because] behind him was a terrorist. I was told by my captain that you were not allowed to shoot at any civilian, even if you have to die !!

The Father :

Human value in the Israeli army is the highest value and you are taught it from day one. In our action, the women and the children used to hide in the caves, the woman would come out, she would have a grenade behind her neck, and we could not shoot her, because you know, you don’t shoot women and children.

You made laugh oh men !!! Like father like son ,what can I say !!?? Do they think that the world will believe them and disbelieve the photos coming from Gaza, disbelieve the shameful history of the IDF !!

Ok if the human values above all in the IDF and they are not allowed to shot humans at any cost then what about this , this and that !!?? Since when the IDF enjoys this high morality !!?? I do not need to go in to the bloody history of the IDF because it needs blogs not one single blog !!

Will the murder the children,Women and Elder and the use of incendiary stop the so-called terrorism against Israel ??

By the way “Waltz with Bashir” is going to be screened in Beirut as far as I read today. I think I will download it because even if it attacks the IDF ,it won’t be screened in Egypt.

I am waiting already after 30 years or something another sequel for this film with the name “ A Waltz in Gaza” or even better “A Waltz with Abbas”

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