Thursday, January 29, 2009

You will not find this in the Algerian Newspapers tomorrow

Well the source is ABC News and so no one will come and say “what are these lies you are publishing ??”

CIA Station Chief in Algeria is accused of raping two Algerian women and filming them !!??

I do not know which is more alarming : The rape itself or the fact that the United States is speaking about its CIA Station in Algeria as if it is a normal thing !!??  Well I do not have to bet that the CIA station in Algeria is a branch of some American company either an oil American company or a trade company. In either ways I do not think that this news will find this way to the Algerian newspapers tomorrow ,it is not the kind of news political regimes like to share with their people especially like our people.

I know that normally in a country like Algeria with its wealth , ethnics and war against terrorism you will find the CIA and its sisters. It is not about the war on terrorism by the way.

Of course I forgot to tell you that the Justice department decided to broaden its investigation to include EGYPT !! The sex manic used to work in Egypt !!

On the other hand I respect so much that fact that the Justice department has opened an investigation regardless the sensitive position of this rapist.

I do not mean to be rude and again I respect the Algerian people so much but that incident should make them more angrier than the official Egyptian regime position from the Gaza war. 

Again this is from ABC News and it is exclusive.


  1. ABC news is not the most reliable or unbiased source of news in the United States. I do recommend that readers go the ABC News webpost to read the report and all of the comments.

  2. @misrscribe .. this news has been propagated on alot other news agencies.. Al jazeera is one of them! heraldtribune is another one :)

    this is not lies.. and Egyptian girls are suspected to be engaged..

  3. @misrscribe, I think it is serious, we have names and photos now

    @Lasto adri, yeah as if we need more scandals in egypt :(


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