Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another round in the Arabs Vs. Persians

One of the Iranian officials has threatened Bahrain ,claiming that some of the Bahraini isles are originally Iranian. It is dangerous statement for sure that I do not know why some Iranian official would say such stupid statement when they need their neighbours to be on their side.
The Emirati Isles problem is still standing against having normal relations with Tehran in the Gulf.
Anyhow Mubarak visited Bahrain in a move described by many a message to Tehran that Egypt backs up Bahrain,for sure Egypt backs up Bahrain but I wonder if that were a real move not a stunt in the media war against Tehran.
Of course Tehran apologized for its statement saying it respected the sovereignty of the small neighbour not because of Mubarak’s visit I am afraid but because Bahrain has threatened to cut the gas supply from Iran.
There are some rumours in Tehran saying that Egypt is hosting MKP in its land, this is nonsense,pure nonsense. !!
As you see this was in one week or two weeks , another round in the Arabs Vs. Persians rivalry war !!
Some people will say that Iran had the excuse because its neighbours are allies to America and host the American troops which are a threat to the national security of Iran. Well this is partially correct because on the other hand the Gulf States also fear Iran , this fear is an old one I am afraid. It goes back to the time of the Shah, do not forget the Emirates Isles were invaded in his time by his orders with the approval of the States to be more accurate.
Saddam was supported by the Gulf States in the first Gulf war against Iran for fear of Iran and its attempts to export the Islamic revolution.Those stupid statements from the Iran won’t calm down the Arab neighbours regardless of what you think. It is something logic. Those conservatives should understand this.
I know the rivalry between us and Iran is kind of historical one but history also showed us that we lived for centuries in Peace and harmony , we need this now more than anytime.
The Question now : What if insh Allah Khatami wins the Presidential elections in Tehran ?? Will our policies differ towards our Persian neighbour ?? For Sure Khatami's policies will differ towards its neighbour.
I know that we have our ups and downs with the Iranians especially us the Egyptians because we are both important historical regional powers but I wish that we find a way to solve our historical stupid rivalry conflicts with the Iranians , after all if we managed to find Peace with the Israelis I think we can find a way to have Peace with the Iranians.


  1. regarding your last line, if we made peace with Israel never mean we can make with Iran, who said Israel hate us more than Iranians do??
    i understand cuz you are a muzzie you think muslims love each other a lot,
    what is between muslims is chauvinism than love, and chauvinism is not love.

  2. hey Zeinobia, umm this is my first time to responde with a comment on a personal blog, anyways, first of all, wanted to say that i like the design...
    moreover, importantly, i believe Iran is more of a threat to us as Israel, i believe, Israel is one of the main obstacles for Arab Unity, yet if their is peace with Israel, (something i believe is eventual), then prosperity should come, i mean with Iran having no problems and all, yet the problem with Iran is that it is a threat, it has always been a threat, and will continue to be a threat, it has been a threat over Iraq, Bahrain, Emirates, Lebanon and Syria, it is sneaking into the Arab's Back door, i believe the problem is Iran has no Back door, it managed to push its back door into the Arab area, to make countries such as Iraq, Bahrain and the Emirates part of its sphere of influence, instead of making Iran our sphere of influence...

  3. @Ahmed, first of all thanks for kind words regarding the design. Unfortunately I have to disagree with you , Iran does not impose that huge threat you believe and many share the same belief with you in the Arab due to historical rival in the region , Iran is no danger but rather a rival power in the same way like France and UK , it may sound strange but considered it this way when UK is weak France leads Europe ,when France is weak UK leads EU ..etc Iran has been there in the region for thousands of year just like Egypt
    there is nothing wrong for regional powers to impose their powers, this is the game of politics all over the world , do not forget in 60s some Arab countries did not like what Nasser was calling for and considered Egypt just like Iran now


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