Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Follow Up : Blue Star in the Red Sea

The Blue Star is still in the red Sea and has not returned yet from its damned voyage. The families of the crew are extremely angry and they have to.

It turns out among the reasons of its delayed return is that there are so many mediators who are offering to deliver the ransom , the Egyptian negotiators fear that those mediators can steal the ransom in the end.

According to press reports the ransom will be delivered to the pirates through two ways. Either it will be delivered to the Spokesperson of the pirates in Kenya Mr. Ali Youssef “Oh yes they have a spokesperson dear !!”

Or the ransom will be thrown directly on the pirates ship from a helicopter !!

I will dare and dream that there is another hidden option which is saving those hostages by a military operation :) We can do it , we did harder than it in 1970s !!!

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