Sunday, February 1, 2009

Follow Up : Critical moments on the Blue Star

Right at this moment I know that both the Blue Star Crew in the red sea and their families in Egypt are praying to God for their safety because in those coming hours either the Blue Star crew will return back home safe or they will meet their destiny as the first true victims of  Piracy in the Red Sea.
There are not much updates since I posted about the ship from 2 days ago
Already there is one correction I want to add , the owner company of the ship is not Blue Marine but it is Alfa Marine and its owner is Abd El-Rahman El-Awa.
Regarding the negotiations Abd El-Rahman according to Al Wafd Newspaper said that \ offered $1 Million as a ransom . He asked the pirates to send him a list with the food and medical supplies to the crew so he can send back the supplies in three days time. All the food and medicine on the ship were over last week and the crew are currently living on fishing !! :(
I hope that the Pirates will accept the $1 Million ransom and the crew returns back home.
By they way the leading pirate in the Blue Star saga is called Hamed Saad.
More to come in the coming hours I suppose.
P.S Mubarak is in a very critical situation along with his regime inside and outside , I suggest that he can launch a rescue mission especially it seems that these pirates are so bad and won't hesitant to harm our men. For God Sake, Sarkozy launched a military rescue mission to save the French citizens !!??

Update #1:
  • The ship is currently said to be in the international waters near the Kenya Where it took the position of sinking and do not ask me how !!
  • At last the Foreign ministry remembered the crew of Blue Star , in fact it remembered that there is a hijacked ship called Blue Star in the first place , well they are busy in Gaza. Anyhow Today a delegation from the families of the crew met the aide of minister. The official spokesperson of Foreign Ministry Ambassador Hossam Zaki said that families informed the ministry with the situation and they ministry will follow the matter !!!??? Excuse do I get from this that the ministry did not know the situation before being informed by the families !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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