Saturday, February 28, 2009

Knocking the doors of Washington

Al Shorouq newspaper revealed that Gamal Mubarak is going to visit Washington D.C next Monday. The visit will include a close meeting in the CSIS according to the newspaper.Of course he had to comment on this issue the next day in a press conference. He is going to visiting D.C to discuss the global crisis !!
I do not think that GM is visiting Washington only for this meeting and to discuss global crisis , I think GM is knocking the doors of Barack Obama and his administration, he is introducing himself.
It is expected that Mubarak is going to visit Washington in Spring as usual and despite he began to show some good gestures like releasing Ayman Nour, it is not yet confirmed that he will meet Obama officially. Mubarak and his son know very well that despite being the American Ally in the region ,they are causing lots of pain and criticism because of their dictatorship.The American administration does not want to bet on losing cards.

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