Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Shame List

The Israeli foreign affairs ministry Arabic official website made a whole section dedicated the Arab writers whom were and are against Hamas and Iran in the last war of Gaza “as if the war were against Hamas only not against all the people of Gaza”. Israel thanked those writers who stood beside it when all the world was protesting against its barbaric war.It published that list in its Arabic website

The Israelis think that by that  way they will prove that there are Arabs who support their cause whether directly or indirectly. 

This list was circulating all the over the net in the past day and it was called as the Shame list . To be honest I was not surprised by the names mentioned from Egypt nor some of the names from the Arab world.

Here are some names from the list, there are more in the website

  • Fouad Hasham : From Kuwait ,he writes at Kuwaiti Al Watan. During the war, he wrote a disgusting essay about late Hamas leader Nizar El-Ryan. Despite he defended the Egyptian regime in the war , he insulted us before as Egyptian people.
  • Abdullah Hadluck ; From Kuwait , writes at Al Watan and Al Arabiya.He wrote a controversial essays  in the war called “I wish I were an IDF soldier” and “the penalty of treason leaders” which are featured in the official Israeli foreign affair ministry Arabic website
  • Hassan Ali Karm; From Kuwait , writes at Al Watan too.You can find him writing in the English edition of Al Watan. He also writes in Saudi Al Arabiya
  • Ahmed El-Garallah; from Kuwait, the chief in editor of Kuwaiti Al Seyassah. This man is well known hypocrite and he has his own scandals well known in the Arab world ,it is shame from Israel to use someone like him !! Here are his articles in his newspaper.
  • Dr. Ahmed El-Baghdadi ; from Kuwait,writes at Kuwaiti Al Seyassah
  • Anis Mansour ,the famous journalist from Egypt , writes in Al Ahram , he is a big pro-Israel supporter.
  • Ali Salem, another Egyptian  famous or rather infamous play writer who turned to be internationally famous thanks to his support to Israel.I hate this man so much
  • Moman Fendi ,Egyptian; writes at  Al Shaq Al Awsat ,  Al Masry Al Youm, Youm 7 and Al Arabiya.
  • Abd El-Rahman Rashad,the Chief in editor of Saudi Al Sharq Al Awsat.

It is noticeable that there are so many writers from the Gulf area from countries that do not have any official relation with Israel unlike for instance Qatar. Most of he writers are from the East of the world Arab not the west.

Another thing you can notice is that most of  these writers are who so-called Neo-Liberals , of course they are not Liberal from near or far. Most of them are pro-Americans. You notice several writers write in the same newspaper. It is the policy of the newspaper as far as I see it.

Also most of them ignored commenting on this list that made the headlines in the opposition press on and offline except may be the Saudi Writer Hamd El-Magad from Al Sharq Al Awsat .He commented about the list defending what he considered objective criticism to Hamas but at the same time opened his fire on the Kuwaiti writers who attacked the Palestinians and supported Israel.

The Kuwaiti writers crossed all lines , let’s just say that they did not forget for the PLO and Fatah’s solidarity with Saddam in the invasion of Kuwait but strangely they are with Fatah against Hamas. Some of the articles written in the Kuwaiti newspapers were more than disgusting , I do not know why all that hate to the Palestinians. I can’t find an explanation to all that hate , it is not about the invasion of Kuwait for God Sake, women and Children were killed !! They should know more than any country in the Gulf the meaning of the war , the meaning of invasion and the meaning of being trapped with no help what so ever.Anyhow I hope those writers only express them and a minority of the Kuwaiti people not all the Kuwaiti people.

Most the Egyptian writers mentioned in the list are well known to have direct relations with the Israel like Salem and Mansour,this is not a new thing for them , in fact I believe those two I mentioned will considered some kind of honor !!

I do not know if the Israelis are stupid enough to believe that most of those writers support it because of their belief in the State of Israel. Many of them write those articles and editorials to please the governments they work for I am afraid. Al Sharq Al Awast and other Saudi Newspapers are with the Saudi position , if it goes right then it will go right , if it goes left it will go left and so on.

Anyhow Israel with its move made them look more discredited in front of the Arab readers from the Gulf to the Ocean.


Update : For technical reasons the Israeli foreign Ministry websites are down currently.


  1. it's not down for technical reasons, it's blocked.

  2. I love how the Israeli Foreign Ministry has a special page in Farsi dedicated to Iran, when they do not have relations with that country to begin with. Media propaganda is nothing new and so typical from the Zionists, I only wish they would get off our case and leave Egypt alone. It says on that website they discovered natural gas somewhere in the Mediteranean enough to supply them for the next 15 years. Is that true???? If it is true, I say good for them. Can we cut our relations now?

  3. @anonymous , well I wonder why they block it and we have relations with Israel

    @Banoota,do you mean the discover in the Lebanese waters !! ?? Yes they discovered in the Lebanese waters and are planning to steal to the Gas from the Lebanese

  4. These writers follow the direction of the wind. They express the American policy point of view and hence their Arab governments. If they are truely having the freedom of speech they would talk about the unjustice implicated on their citizens.


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