Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why do they speak so good outside the Office ??

Yesterday I read the interview of former FM Ahmed Maher in Al Masry Al Youm .It is worth to be read. The man commented about the latest Gaza crisis , Obama ,the Arabic regional relations ..etc. To my surprise he spoke too good.I am sure in the office he did not and could not say what he said in this interview.He reminds with Madeline Albright when she left the office.

Here are a summary for the most important points he said :

  • We should have held a special summit for Gaza, not to be an issue discussed in the economic summit in Kuwait.
  • The Arabs should direct dialogue with Iran , they should not consider it as their biggest enemy where as they have good relations with the States.
  • Iran and Turkey should be our allies , we should not fear them nor should we speak about  ancient rivalry in this critical time.
  • The New American administration won’t solve our problems but it is US,the Arabs who can solve it.
  • The Egyptian role does not mean there are no other players in the region nor it does mean we should be the sole player.
  • The Arab dialogue should solve lots of problems
  • Israel will not give the Arabs anything except when they are united.

As you can see the man whom we used to hate and mock ,is saying what is logic and what is true !!

It is not only him , also Asmat Abdel Meguid made an interview I think with Al Dostor from couple of day and he spoke in a very good way.I loved how he described each President despite about what he said regarding Mubarak , of course he had to praise him , the man is still alive and he worked in his cabinet.

It seems that those men know what it is right and what it is wrong for real but when they were in office ,they could not say it otherwise they would be out of the office in the following ministerial change. Now they have nothing to lose ,they are already outside the office.

Anyhow back to Maher,this is guy proves that he was at least  a diplomat compared to our current FM Mr.Knuckles !!

Ahmed Maher by the way is the grandson of the former Prime minister of Egypt Ahmed Pasha Maher who was assassinated in the Egyptian Parliament ,in the first and last incident of its kind in that place.

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