Friday, March 27, 2009

So It is Israel after all

It seems that the news published in Al Shorouk newspaper on two successive days about that air strike in Sudan from two months ago were not all false.

It seems that there was an actual air strike in Sudan and people were killed because of it , but unlike to Al Shorouk claims the Americans were not behind it but i it was rather the Israelis !!

Tel Aviv confirmed indirectly but it won’t be a shock to  know that they were behind this strike “they did it before in Iraq and in Syria.

I do not know what to believe , the fact that only now the Sudanese regime is speaking about the matter now makes me wonder !! Seriously I can’t believe their justification that they took all that time “2 months” to investigate !! Investigate !!?? investigate what !!??  More than 30 persons were reportedly killed for God Sake not to mention that this is an attack on the sovereignty of the country itself !! It seems that the Sudanese regime is used to air strikes and it has not much sovereignty on the country as some believe ; indeed otherwise why would each region in Sudan wants to form an independent state now !!!

The implications of such attack if it was true are huge , I am not speaking about how how Israel broke international laws because Israel is above the international laws and treaties  since its founding in 1948 ,it is something natural . The implication I am speaking about  are :

1// The time of the announcement from the Sudanese side , Sudan could have announced the news since last January but for some reason they kept it as a secret with no respect to the Sudanese people , do not forget this convey could be transferring anything other than arms to Gaza. Thanks to Al-Bashir and his trial the Sudanese people won’t have their right back

2// The position of the Egyptian regime ; it knew since then and was silent for some reason.

3// Sudan has no air defences at all as it seems that their skies are widely open despite the Chinese and the Russian back up !!

I do not understand why Israel did not announce either about this strike in the same way they announced their Syrian adventure !! Did the Egyptian regime advised them to keep quite so it would not increase the public anger in the Arab street ??

Again I will ask the same question why has the Sudanese regime announced this dangerous attack now ???

Now I have another question to all the nationalists who are standing with Al-Bashir against the Western imperialist colonial conspiracy : What do you think about Al-Bashir now and he was silent for two month on a dangerous attack like this ?? 

I wonder if the Arab leaders will discuss this attack on Sudan in their expected meeting at Doha.

By the way It is also interesting that this revelation came after the attack of Al-Zawahary on Al-Bashir.


  1. Zeinobia, dont worry yourself. All the Arabs are only tiger at their own people but in front of Israel they are just a pussy cat!!! walahy believe me, the Israeli will conquer all Arabs land soon or later unless we have another hero like 'Salah El Din'! and if the Arabs think Obama is going to help them, just forget it coz the Israeli lobbyist in USA is veryyyyy strong even the US cant do anything but follow them!

  2. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  3. anybody think he can mess with the national Israeli security will live in peace is mistaken.

  4. Dear Zenobia

    Please take an aspirin and calm yourself.

    Israel has every right to defend itself and destroy any arms convoys destined to her enemies - in this case, Hamas.

    There is no "international law" that she broke since the two countries affected, Sudan and Iran, are in a state of war against Israel.

    You announce no hateful or racist comments will be tolerated - does that apply to you too?

    emanuel appel

  5. @anonymous, I know about that well but we can't wait for another Salah El-Din where as the world is moving around us.

    @Packey,thank you dear :)

    @Bastawsi , yeah yeah what ever

    @Emanuel , this is not a racist comment ,it is your point view and I respect , I just to want to correct something Sudan has not declared the war on Israel from near or far ,it is not in state of war with Israel in the same way like Lebanon for instance.Sudan does not have direct relations with Israel nor it recognized officially like most of the Arab countries ; does this means most of the Arab countries are in war with Israel ??
    According to the Sudanese the suspected convoy was sent by a Sudanese group not by the Sudanese government

  6. what do you mean Zenobia that Sudan is not in war with Israel?? do you think Israelis are retarded??
    if Sudan is retarded and believe she can deceive Israel, Israel is not retarded.

  7. Several reporters and analysts have already attempted to answer your questions (in Al-Shorouk and elsewhere). Such an air strike is a double scandal to the Sudanese regime, which keeps claiming day and night that it preserves the unity and security of Sudan. The fact that smugglers move regularly and freely in Eastern Sudan is one scandal, and the more tragic fact that the Sudanese air field is another. However, it seems like the Sudanese regime now believes that leaking the embarrassing news now will draw some Arabic public support to Al-Basheer (as if it will matter) and reinforce the already prevalent conspiracy theories regarding Sudan.

    Now the real catastrophe is the official Egyptian position. The so called Egyptian national security red lines are quickly eroding one after the other, and the official position is almost complicit. Forget about international law, if recent history taught us anything, it is that the Middle East is a "survival of the fittest" region, and we keep proving that we are on our way to political extinction.

  8. @bastawisi, the last time I checked Sudan did not declare the war on Israel ,you can check wikipedia dear

    Al Bashir will be mistaken if he believed that he can draw some Arabic public support , that showed him as coward who can't protect his own country
    about our national security , well my dear this is red line is in danger now more than ever thanks to our wrong policies

  9. haha Israel has better resources than wikipedia

  10. oh really? c'mon Zeinobia ana mesh da2e2 3asafeer

  11. check this out

  12. this also


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