Thursday, March 12, 2009

They Know when to Reconcile !!

I am  surprised with the Saudi mini-summit King Abdullah has called to and I am surprised more that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the one that tries to reconcile between Egypt and Syria. It used to be the opposite , Cairo is the one that amends the relations between Damascus and Riyadh !!


I know that Saudi Arabia is doing an effort to reconcile with the Syrian regime after all Washington is ready or rather has opened channels with Damascus and so whether the regimes in Riyadh and Cairo like it or not , they must have to reconcile immediately with Damascus.

Still I think that mini-summit is more than a reconciliation attempt , they are meeting to see a way to help Al Bashir and help themselves. It is not a reconciliation summit , they put their differences away  in order to save Al Bashir and Save themselves from similar fates. They do not care about their people ,they care about the West and also East “taking in Consideration Russia growing power”


To prove what I am saying is the reception of th Qatari envoy  in Cairo , oh yes Prince Hamad sent an envoy to invite Mubarak officially to the summit he will hold in his capital to discuss Al-Bashir’s arrest warrant.

Surprisingly Mubarak met the envoy and received the invitation smiling in front of the cameras where as his foreign minister in less than two months was boasting how Egypt sabotaged the Doha Summit !!

The Arab rulers did not give a damn when the Palestinians were killed in Gaza in a constant daily show where as they can’t sleep because Al-Bashir is facing an arrest warrant !!

The Arab rulers do not give a damn for the Sudanese people and the future of Sudan because already they do not care for their people and their countries future , they only care for their future !!

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