Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This is what you do when you are in a personal visit in the States !!

Gamal Mubarak supporters  justified his visit to the States last week as  a personal visit. Boldly enough they said in TV and in newspapers  for the Egyptians who are fighting terrible economic situation that their President’s son went to the State to renew his private jet license !!!

Of course nobody dared to ask from where he got this private jet and why he has to renew the license from the States “I am asking here” because everybody knows that this is not the real reason behind his visit.

Personal visits programs do not including lecturing in centres or doing interviews for channels like the CNN

As usual he does not give direct answers.

I think he wants to sell the West the same good his father is selling : Protection from the Radical Islam !! Zackaria is focusing on the terrorism only as far as I see.

I love that Stomach part regarding the war on Iran !!

I feel that he is reciting the answers and what is this thing he is doing with his nose ?? Why does not he ask for a break to get a tissue !!?? This was not on air program, it was a recorded program.

Who is he to appear in the CNN like this ?? Does he appear as the next President of Egypt or as a partisan official !!?? I think the CNN chose him because he is expected the next President of Egypt.

By the way I do not like Farid Zackaria.


  1. He wasn't on CNN as far as I know!
    Zakaria's show is on Sunday at 1pm and 5pm Eastern time. We don't watch him much here! Most people wanna watch games or go out and have some fun! So, yeah! GM doesn't matter!

  2. @anonymous,
    wow GM was on CNN in a dead Time ,this is perfect to me
    lol and all newspapers highlighted that interview in Egypt !!

  3. Zakaria posed nine questions to Gamal Mubarak, but none of them were about Egypt's internal affairs. Instead, they were all about foreign issues. He was sitting in front of the Egyptian President's son - as Zakaria described him when he introduced him – yet, he did not ask him any question about power in Egypt, the situation of human rights, the opposition, the ruling party, the bequeathal, the future of power, and the crises ravaging the country from the inside.

    How could Zakaria and the CNN ignore all this? They certainly agreed in advance on what to ask and what not to ask.

  4. @ Adeeb, Why not, CNN is own and run by the Jewish lobby, so Israel and Egypt work together! kinda wonder too how GM have the money to buy private jet and who is paying for all his trip to US when Egypt is having economy crisis and people are suffering!

  5. He wasn't on CNN. That's on CNN International, which isn't broadcast in the US. It was a way to get Zakaria off the already pathetic network without violating his contract.

    What's with the Nazi salutes and history lessons out of the Incestuous Child Molestation for Terrorists Nazi Historical Lies Textbook? You realize that if you believe that the Golan isn't Israel's that you're illiterate by free-world standards and retarded per the DSMIV's criteria, right?

    You probably think your cesspoolstan won the Yom Kippur War. LOLz. That's why Arabs are good for nothing but incestuous baby rape, since that's the only thing you've accomplished in 1400 years. But hey, nobody can beat you at that...except the Saudis. Oh well, you'll always be the masters of pedophilic rape by knife, so you do one thing well.

    I would call you Nazis but Nazis were hard-working, outbred, decent-looking, respectful of women, and they didn't screw up everything they did. They actually even made stuff, and pretty well at that.

  6. Thank you for posting the CNN interview. I do not know Gamal Mubarrak but I think you give him too little credit.His English is excellent and he did a very good job. It is true that few in America would watch such a show but I think that is too bad. I started to write a comment to answer your recent post about Ambassador Kateb. I was describing the differences between the Egypt I knew in the 60s and 70s and what I hear today but I thought Gamal M. spoke about it quite well and I will leave it at that.

    Women are absolutely equal to men and they should never be relegated to an inferior position by law or religion. I have spoken before about the Iran revolution and how disappointed so many of the young idealists that supported it are now. They have far less freedom than they did under the Shah. I say be careful what you wish for- you may get much more than you ever wanted.

  7. @Adeeb,of course they agreed on the questions and JR was prepared well to what he said despite his answers were not great as usual

    @anonymous#1, do not even ask

    @anonymous#2, well I am happy that it was not shown on CNN America
    about Nazism , well my dear Nazis are the ones who discriminate others and kill them because of their ethnics , the Nazis are those who kill women and Children
    look I won't even go to waste my time on replying on your rant

    @Misrcribe, My dear I do not buy the illusion that if I am not going to accept Mubarak JR ,the MB will rule us
    Gamal Mubarak means corruption ,means dictatorship and radicalism in everything
    we are different than Iran

  8. I agree that Egyptians are different but there are many parallels with the Iranians.You underestimate those who sound reasonable as they strive for power but once in charge they will gradually impose their will.


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