Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will He come for real ?? Will Mubarak receive him for real ??

Anonymous Egyptian officials revealed that Omar Al-Bashir will visit Egypt on Wednesday despite the ICC arrest warrant. Of course officially this visit was not announced from the Egyptian side nor from the Sudanese side.

I do not know if it is true or not ,we will know insh Allah after few hours.

Egypt officially has not signed the ICC agreement up till now for reasons everyone knows still I do not know how the international reactions  will be and I can’t imagine them because already I do not know if Mubarak is going to receive him or not !!

It is interesting that the news of that visit was leaked after the visit of the Qatari prime minister to Khartoum.

By the way it is interesting that the Qatari prime minister Hamad bin Jassim knew the protocol and went by himself to invite Al-Bashir to Doha summit where as he sent some envoy to Mubarak from 2 weeks ago !!  Well whom I fooling the bin Jassim knows that Mubarak and his men can’t stomach him at all , in fact many Egyptians do not stomach bin Jassim despite they like watching his channel “Al-Jazeera” !!

Back to Sudan I have many scenarios in my mind concerning tomorrow.

Either he will come and go and nothing happens or something will happen.  Either ways we know tomorrow just after some hours insh Allah.


  1. "I have many scenarios in my mind concerning tomorrow.Either he will come and go and nothing happens or something will happen"

    Wow!!! Excellent analysis ya Zeino!!! :D

    I'll go a bit deeper and say that something will happen. As soon as Bashir lands in Cairo, Mubarak will take him to the presidential palace in Masr El Gedida where he will be executed in the graden just like the Mamelukes and Mohammed Ali Pasha. The execution will be broadcast all over the world.

    In the meantime, Egyptian special forces will land at the presidential residence in Khartoum, seize power and appoint an Egyptian governor (maybe Omar Suleiman so he could be as far away as possible).

    This way we will be the US ally in Sudan so we can kill all the Darfur rebels as well as the South Sudan Army and the US can't criticize us because we are allies tab3an. Then we'll make Sudan a free investment zone for Egyptian and Arab agribusiness investors as well as oil and mineral companies from China and elsewhere.

    This way we control more of the Nile River so we can bargain for a bigger share of its water, plus we are closer to Somalia to beat them into submission whenever they take another ship. It will be great practice for our airforce :D

    In the end someone will have to assasinate me before I turn my sights onto the rest of the Nile basin and go all the way to South Africa.

    Bas seriously, nothing will happen. He will come here, have a cup of tea and go back as if nothing happened just like he did in Eritrea.
    This whole indictment thing is a show and the media is taking it out of proportion.... What good is a court order that only applies to some countries and not others? Even if Bashir went to Tel Aviv itself they wouldn't have the right to arrest him under that court's authority.

  2. i believe he will come and no European or American will blame Egypt as usual.

  3. i believe he will come and no European or American will blame Egypt as usual.


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