Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Big Sister


I do not think that anyone has explained it better than Ibrahim Eissa last week when he spoke about the cold war or rather the hot media war between Egypt and Qatar.

Eissa wrote or wondered actually if Egypt has become small and Qatar has become big.He even mentioned a very interesting remark in the same context that shows you how much we are going down thanks to Mubarak :

  • Egypt in time of Nasser had a fight with Saudi Arabia.
  • Egypt in time of Sadat had a fight with Iraq.
  • Egypt in time of Mubarak had a fight with Qatar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With my all respect to Qatar and its wonderful people “Doha is my birth place” , do you see the difference ?? I forget to tell you that during the time of Nasser , King Faisal used to rule the KSA and during the time of Sadat, Saddam used to rule Iraq where as Sheikh Hamad is ruling Qatar and I do not think with my all respect to Hamad and his quest to make his small country a regional power by all means that he is as powerful or strong as those two men who stood in front of Egypt during their differences in opinions.

But now thanks to Mubarak the big sister in Egypt is having a silly disgusting fight with the naughty little sister Qatar. It is not enough that we are losing our position in the Arab world as a regional power whether we like it or not but this is fact. Yes we have still political power and influence but in terms of popularity power, do not even ask.

It is not a bad thing that the Prince of Qatar wants his small country to become a regional power , of course this will come on the expense of other countries but not on us. He won’t and can’t cancel this country ,it is not logical by all means , I do not know what this fear and hate.

I believe Mubarak should have gone to the summit , already it was not as if he were going to waste time there because he did not do anything worthy in Egypt during that time and we did not expect that he would reach to anything there but his presence as the President of Arab Republic of Egypt in the summit is better than Mofid Shahab’s presence there.


  1. Egypt in time of G. Mubarak will have a fight with djibouti..

  2. who said Qatar is a small country? you take it according to the distance??!!!, it's about rich or poor, Saudi Arabia and Iraq was very poor when we fought with them and we was rich while now we are poor and Qatar is rich, very rich, stick to the logic to gain credibility.

  3. @Ramy, lol

    @Bastawisi and when we fought with Iraq and Saudi Arabia in their poverty time exactly ??

  4. i always said that Mubarak is a very good man in military stuff,
    but politics .... no thanks
    since his effect on the egyptian policy began to appear in mid 80's .. we start to lose our position in the region
    right now .. ask any one in the whole arab world about egyptian regime ... they will simply start insulting
    so .. whether it is with Qatar or lybia ..we -politically - are going down and down ..
    and some countries like Iran and Qatar and UAE start to have a more growing role in the region
    thanks to Mubarak syndrome :((((

  5. AardvarkEF-111B4/14/2009 10:44:00 AM

    qatar is (with extreme difficulty) a (nation) that hardly has any identity at all, 5% of their population can be deprived of identity overnight due to tribal consideration.

    but in the quest of (Qatari) leadership for some kind of (identity) they involve in peackok verbal confrontations & freaky political alighnment thanks to (25 billion USD budget surpulus achieved annually by natural resources

    still will not make it a (nation), with my extreme disguist & disrespect to Mubarak & the Egyptian regime, i think Husni did the right thing

    and fuck Essa !!!


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