Monday, April 13, 2009

Breaking News : Another Two fishing ships hijacked in the Red Sea

It was announced that two Egyptian fishing ships were hijacked in the red sea by the Somali pirates. There are 18 to 24 sailors on both ships according to the foreign affair ministry.

It is interesting that this comes after the rescue of the American crew in the red sea by the order of Obama who vowed to fight piracy,  I do not have doubt that this may be part of the pirates revenge especially that there was another Italian ship reportedly hijacked too , also those two ships were hijacked from Somaliland which was thought to be secure and pirates free !!

Now these two fishes ships should wait for more than 40 nights and days till the ransom is thrown from a helicopter or shall they wait when Obama sends his American troops to save them despite they are not Americans and the American troops do not have to rescue them !!??

Is not the hijack of those two ships an attack on our sovereignty !!?? The Americans considered a national security matter for God Sake !! could not our navy that blew Eilat in 1970 rescue those poor fishermen !!!??

I do not get why we always depend on ransoms and negotiations if the pirates do not stop , I know they are different gangs but this is enough.

Just like Livni had said in 2008 “Enough is enough”

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  1. as we say in egyptian: " the donkey(asshole) who fall twice".
    i think we fail third or fourth.


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