Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Family Matter turned in to a Social Matter

The divorce or rather the spilt of Ayman Nour and Gamila Ismail is still causing a buzz in Egypt . It was a family drama that unfortunately turned in to a public media circus. There is no disagreement that the spilt or divorce decision is a family matter taken by the husband and wife after thorough thinking and yes it does not matter if Ayman Nour marries or divorce, so what !!??

But again if you have followed the matter from the start till now ,you will know that it was from the start a media circus. Starting with Gamila Ismail’s contact with Al Masry Al Youm whether by SMS or through her lawyer or what ever Magdy El-Gald claims , already I do not know why Gamila has contacted the newspaper to tell them about the split or the divorce in the first place if she wants to keep it as a family personal matter as much as possible.

Then on the same day Ayman Nour spoke on air to deny that there was a divorce and to launch an attack on Al Masry Al Youm, of course Magdy El-Galad was so angry from that attack on his newspaper and there was on air fight through the telephone lines in front of the viewers. Nour by the way called 10 PM show on Dream 2 and Cairo Today on Orbit to deny the news.

Next day Nour appeared on Al Mahawar to deny the matter. Of course the disappearance of Gamila weakened his position and his version of the story was not that solid “Gamila Ismail did not pay her mobile phone bill !!"

Then the day after on Wednesday Gamila Ismail broke  her silence and put an end on phone in “10 PM” and “Cairo today” not to mention she had short interview with Al Masry Al Youm. She confirmed the news of the split . It was a sad thing to hear this strong woman who fought for years a restless regime for this man with her broken voice that they spilt. You can’t believe how much this woman fought for him and then just less than 3 three they are on the verge of a divorce.Of course as an Egyptian lady she praised him on TV giving no indication on what caused this marriage to end like that.

You can imagine that media circus , of course I forget to tell you that Nour before Gamila’s direct announcement has accused the regime of spreading rumours about his divorce to cover the news of 6th April strike. He believe that it succeeded.

Several opposition and independent writers especially  in Al Dostor “ 1 , 2”wrote about the matter in his side demanding the press and in media in general to leave Nour and Gamila alone ,it is not a public matter.

They got a point here but they should know that unlike the regime who can’t stand Nour and Gamila , the Public wants to know their updates and interested to the level of curiosity because of love and care. Egyptian people are really shocked to know that solid couple suddenly spilt and on the verge of a divorce. Of course  Nour denial's puts him in a very bad situation especially most people agree that Gamila had done so much for him.

To be honest I hope that they reconcile again.

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  1. this is the real fall of Alghad party, Ayman Nour and Gameela Ismael, he show his real liar face and dictatorship through his fight with Elglaad and he had the nerve to accuse the regime?!! that liar!!


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