Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Do Not Buy This with my all respect

The general attorney has announced today Hezbollah was planning to launch a series of attacks in Egypt on the borders and Suez Canal besides spreading the Shiitism in Egypt !!

Of course this was based on the arrest on 42 Egyptians and Arabs by the State security in the last couple of weeks.

Hezbollah of course has to answer back and I found this short statement on Al Manar website, it is short and it attacks Mubarak’s regime severely ,well it has to !!  It described the action of the Egyptian government as a vent for its isolation at the Arab summit in Doha !!  I expect more from Hezbollah ,this is a very dangerous allegation , in fact I expect that Hassan Nasrallah will come on TV and fire back.

This is the first time Hezbollah is accused by such allegation in an Arab country as far as I remember.

This is huge and dangerous escalation , very dangerous escalation where as the world seems to be opened for dialogue , Obama administration seems to be willing to have dialogues with Iran and Syria.

With my all respect to all the State security investigations ,I do not buy this whole story not because it is Hezbollah but based on several old cases.


  1. ممكن السيد حسن مترفع عن الدخول فى كلام زى ده و بكرة نشوف الاهبلان عمرو اديب و احمد موسى بيهاجموه

  2. و حياتك من النهاردة الهجوم هيبدأ

  3. why shouldn't we buy it ?

    regarding to hama's history , a clash with Egypt is just a matter of time .

  4. you know well it's true, just because you are a Muslim you believe you should back the Muslims up against the infidel secular regime, anybody know well Hizballa&Hamas hate the Egyptian regime and working togather on causing it troubles specially since the war on gaza couple of months ago, haven't you ask yourself when Hizballa&Hamas launch their terrorist attacks who gonna fall in the streets?? it's us, you and me.

  5. @Jim, it is not Hamas, it is Hezbollah and according to its history this unlikely to happen but of course if you hate that group and consider it as a terrorist group ,you will buy this story.

    @Bastawisi , well I did not ask myself that question because I know they won't do it and they dare not to do.

  6. The Mubarak regime is searching for an imaginary external enemy to blame in order to divert the Egyptian people frustration from all the regime's economical, social and political failures. I am not surprised since this is typical of stagnant totalitarian regimes that have been in power for too long.

  7. Bastawisi, exactly how does Hamas and Hezbollah work "against" Egypt. You must have some facts since you claim "anybody well knows" this.

    Please, don't play in Zionist/Western hands with your fear-mongering rhetoric and constant inflation of the word "terrorist". There's nothing terrorizing about keeping Gaza or South Lebanon alive

  8. Aardvark EF-111B4/14/2009 11:02:00 AM

    it seems that the last crisis serve the (peackok) verbal stances of both sides very nicely

    The Egyptian Regime found an external public enemy, who is by the way very popular which make the confrontation really interesting & attract lot of attention
    (still the message is more directed inside Egypt than outside it)

    The Hezb-Damascuc-Doha-Tehran [HDDT Axis], it is another setback on the ground (they been repetitively badly fucked up last 3 years) that will be very helpful in augmenting the popularity of the Hezb (the accusations comes from the least credible & most hated & stupid regime in the region)

    However, both sides proved to very narrow sighted, both of them directing their speeches to their confined fossilized audience bases, both sides unable to take a step beyound their current spheres of influence


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