Thursday, April 9, 2009

It Is not our time


Obama in Turkey


Obama saluting King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in London , you can’t imagine the reaction of this photo in the Arab world 

After watching carefully Obama’s approaches to both the Islamic and Arab world it became something sure to me that Egypt currently thanks to Mubarak can not be considered as a powerful effective regional power, thanks to Mubarak and his regime !!

Obama when he wanted to speak to the Islamic world ,he went to Turkey where from few years it would be a wrong place to send this message but we should not be shocked because after all Obama said directly “The United States and Turkey share democracy !!”. I do not think that Mubarak regime shares this with the American administration.

I feel sad because my country owns much power and influence than both countries yet we are losing these power and influence thanks to Mubarak.

It is enough that Mubarak wants to visit Obama not the opposite.


  1. Unfortunately Obama will change U.S policy only when it is both in the U.S's national interest and his domestic political interest. The only significant change from Bush will be a change of style and a change of tone.

  2. Well Bush did not like Mubarak either , it is going from bad to worse for Mubarak regime I believe

  3. Bush didn't like Mubarak personally, he didn't seem to have anything wrong with the Mubarak regime. Egypt remained the largest recipient of U.S aid after Israel. The U.S and Israel need a compliant regime in Cairo, and a tyrant like Mubarak needs their support to stay in power. I don't seen any reason why that relationship would change, I hope I'm wrong of course, but I just don't see it happening.

    Good luck to you in Egypt.

  4. AardvarkEF-111B4/14/2009 11:08:00 AM

    Egypt (with its current Socio-economic-technical-administrative) mix of power does not deserve further attention

    The Egyptians (as a people) with their current (socio-economic-cultural) composition don't deserve better (leader) than Mubarak


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