Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recognizing a Genocide

The Armenian genocide memory  was from couple of days ago,the 24th of April and as usual Turkey refuses to recognizes and is defending the actions of the Othman Empire with their version of the story. Either ways there was a huge human tragedy that took place on both sides politics and power caused it. It was a no win situation for everybody. It is from the darkest points in the history of the Othman Empire.
This year Obama has recognized the Armenian genocide calling it by its Armenian name , which means not in English word of Genocide. It is an attempt to hold the stick from the middle  !! Of course the Armenians and Turks are angry . Obama does not want to anger his friends the Turks despite as a senator he supported the resolution of the U.S congress regarding the Genocide.
What bothers me is that this year there were news that Israel may recognize the genocide officially after the latest Turkish rejection on its massacres in Gaza !! Of course Israel has not recognized officially the genocide because it knows that it will open a door of hell on it, it will be accused by the same accusation of committing genocides against the Palestinian people !!
How this terrible incident turned in to a political game internationally to blackmail countries for their political stands in specific incident by countries that are accused of committing genocides themselves !!! It will be an insult to the Armenians who were killed in 1915 to be recognized by Israel.
BY the way Turkey and Armenia began in their way to neutralize their relations thanks to the Switzerland effort. If Turkey makes it , then it will be another bonus point to their foreign policy.

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