Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sabah sings because I love you

Sabah, the grand mother of slutty Lebanese singers sang this song in TeleLeban in 1971. This song contains some English words like sweet potato and Ketchup !!

It is hilarious and silly but I like it .Sabah sang in French better !!

P.S Just to clear things I love Sabah so much , already if I were not Sabah fan I would not find this old and rare delicious song rindu


  1. What an ignorant thing to say. You are comparing her to Marwa and Haifa?

    Come on I realize she isn't Egyptian but really, no need to be so rude.

  2. Dear anonymous, I did not insult Sabah on the contrary I love her
    chill out
    by the way Sabah lived in Egypt more than Lebanon and she was granted the Egyptian nationality from a long time as far as I know ;)

  3. i will always love Sabah. for me she is a legend. she is smart, beautiful, kind, generous and adorable! Nobody can be Sabah!!


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