Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They Do Not Buy It Too !!

Yesterday Emirati Al-Khaleej newspaper published a long interview with Omar Al-Bashir , who is considered an Egyptian ally in region somehow. The interview is conducted by  famous writer and journalist Fahmi Howaidy who is widely accused of being an Iranian media agent by the official media.
Al- Bashir spoke about several important points considering his trial,Darfur, the latest Israeli raid on his country and Hezbollah , yes Hezbollah even on a small mention in the end of interview ;it is worth to be highlighted.
Al-Bashir said that Sudan had not announced the raid that took place two months ago because it did not know which country had launched it !!! This sounds so strange for sure because Abu El-Gait , our FM said that Egypt knew about the raid since its occurrence and it knew which country was behind it but did not announce it for fear it would embarrasses Sudan !! Egypt did not inform Sudan that Israel was behind the raid or what !!??
The most interesting point for me in the time being is Omar Al-Bashir's opinion about the so-called Hezbollah cell in Egypt.In the end of the interview Howaidy asked a little question about the crisis between Hezbollah and Egypt and his answer was interesting
 He does not believe that Hezbollah was or is planning to attack  or to destabilize its national security of any Arab country.
I bet now his friends in Cairo are a little bit angry after all that support they gave to him ,he is turning them down !!!
Leaving Al- Bashir and his views , I have also read yesterday even longer interview with Basher Al-Assad in Al Sharq Al Awsat , I was quite surprised to find for him such long interview with pro-American Saudi Pan Arab Newspaper. "Do not judge on the online version"
Basher spoke about the Peace process ,he said that Syria had a better chance with
Olmert than with Bibi, he is right about that. He spoke also about the Hezbollah cell and he said that he did not believe Hezbollah was going to attack Egypt. He also sent an important message saying that neither Hezbollah nor Hamas is going to attack Israel from Syria .
Yes I know that he and his country are among the bad axis of evil in the Middle East Mubarak regime wants us to believe that it is plotting against us but what about Omar Al-Bashir !!???
I am afraid that no one is buying what Mubarak’s regime is claiming from targeting Egypt and its national security except those who hate Hezbollah in the first place for political or even religious reasons.


  1. Fahmi Howaidy isnot an Iranian media agent.

  2. terrorists support each other, for sure Alassad and Albasheer will tell hizbullah guys are angels.


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