Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Yemenis Have Done It !!

Thanks to dear friend Mohamed El-Gendi

The Yemeni special forces have freed an oil tanker from the pirates in the red sea.

The Yemeni government did not fear to engage in a fight with the pirates of Somalia. The Yemeni Special forces with my all respect to them do not have that experience we have in sea warfare yet they were not scared  to fight the Somali pirates. By the way I know that Yemenis are tough fighters, it is enough to remember the tough lesson they gave to the Egyptian army there in 1960s.

I do not understand why we do not launch an operation against the pirates of Somalia when our allied Somali regime there can’t stop the hijacking of our ships and our government refuses to pay the ransoms leaving our men in the sea facing death for months !!!

FYI currently there are two fishing ships seized by the pirates for two weeks now and the government is refusing to pay the ransom.

I read a statement for our foreign minister and he said that he was looking forward for the Egyptian-American cooperation in fighting pirates in other words we are waiting the Americans to call for another a witch hunt against the pirates. I do not know why the Yemenis did not wait for that American cooperation and worked on their own !!??

Can’t we instead cooperate with the Yemenis as they have now an experience worth to be shared !!??


  1. Good point. Would like to see all nations come together better on this to fight the problems.

  2. i read a while ago about the egyptian special forces and how they are very bad fighters, so i guess this is the reason why they chicken out to fight the pirates.

  3. Bastawisi that is soooo funny!!!

    Anyway I too salute the Yemeni forces for their bravery action against the pirates. Well done guys! I dont understand too why the Egyptian forces were not doing the same thing especially after two ship were confiscated by the pirates! Suez Canal are the responsible of the Egyptian Government that is the country's income! I think most of the forces are busy with protecting the big shots in Cairo that they forget the No. 1 priority which is Egypt the country!

  4. @Barr , I share your wish with you

    @ Bastawisi , please shut up if you do not know the history of the Egyptian Navy

    @anonymous, I believe so too !!


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