Sunday, May 24, 2009

Before It Is Too Late

From few weeks ago Egypt woke up on a terrible murder that took place in Giza. A woman was killed in her house while she was on her way to work. The woman was late Mrs. Hala Fayek , who was a very prominent figure in the Egyptian banking sector for decades. Late Fayek headed the credit department in several banks including CIB and s520094124344 MIB. Her last position was the credit department head in Banque Misr “She was also responsible for the credit department in Banque De Caire and it was first suspected that some troubled businessman from Banque De Caire would be behind the crime” . Mrs. Fayek was married to an ex-judge who is currently working in Dubai.

Late Fayek may God bless her soul was murdered by her maid’s husband who was suffering financially as he lost his job. He planned to go in the morning and to kill Hala’s mother , the old sick lady was staying with her daughter but fate had other plans due to some meeting on that particular day Hala was late and was the one who opened the door for him to receive deadly stabs killing her in her apartment. The murderer stole a large sum of money and jewellery. Hala’s mother was the one who discovered the body , already I can’t imagine how she is doing now after seeing her daughter in this terrible scene. One of my relatives used to work with her in the credit department in MIB for many years and she was more as a friend for him than a boss , he was shocked and cried after hearing the news.

The Egyptian banking sector mourned her along with the society that was terrified with this crime , it is not about a rich lady being killed but rather the fact was a lady killed in her own house in a secure neighbourhood or at least that what was thought.

Now here I am not speaking about the crime but I want to speak about something not less important. I care about women issues in Egypt and I am surprised that the feminists in Egypt do not celebrate the achievements of women in the Egyptian banking and financial sectors.Seriously there are thousands of women working in the Egyptian banks and in financial companies. Many of those ladies are successful like late Hala and yet we do not consider this an achievement we should highlight . I am tired from the Western look to our women that they are so helpless and weak where as some of them actually are successful and powerful.

By the way I know many women in management levels in banks and companies who do not have feminist ideas that they must overcome the man’s power…etc,they are simply doing their job and trying to be best.

My point is we always speak about women empowerment in the society and how to encourage this empowerment yet we do not see a real respect  for those ladies in these positions for God Sake. Sometimes I feel that some feminists love to speak over and over about oppressed women leaving these bright examples that can give hope to women not only in Egypt but in the Arab world.


  1. the question is: what percentage those "bright examples" represent in the egyptian society?

  2. It is more than you think , believe me more than you think


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