Saturday, May 23, 2009

Breaking News : A Fire at Ayman Nour House

I found the news first at Youm 7 then I found Wael Abbas confirming it at twitter.
It seems that there was a fire at Ayman Nour house in Zamalak and he was injured in it. He is said to be injured in his face and a part of his hair was burnt. This is so scary for sure.
Ayman sent a SMS to his party which was having a meeting then he supposed to attend. He apologized for not coming the meeting because he suffered from a minor accident in his face and hair and that he was on his way to the hospital. He told them that he would cancel his appointments for the next two weeks !! I do not know if this is consider minor accident !!
This accident will remind some I suppose with the fire that happened in his party HQ few months ago. I should mention that Gamila feared that a fire would happen in their house !!
I hope that it is a minor accident for real !!
Via Wael Abbas : some unconfirmed news say that Nour was attacked by a flame in front of his house and that the attacker or rather attackers were riding a motorcycle and ranawy so fast !!
This is not good


  1. Please keep us updated... I can't find anything at all on English-language sites.


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