Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dr.Rashid Khalidi’s Interview in Harper’s Magazine

Dr. Rashid Khalidi’s name is not a strange one for those who followed the American elections , the Palestinian-American professor’s name was used to attack Obama by the GOP in a desperate attack.

Dr. Khalidi published lately a book called “Sowing Crisis: The Cold War and American Dominance in the Middle East” which is about the Russian and American relations with the Middle East during the Cold war. It is very interesting indeed.

I encourage you to read the interview of Dr.khalidi in Harper’s Magazine this month because it is so interesting , it is about the book and the history and relations between Russia and Middle East.

What interests me is that Dr.Khalidi considered the Egyptian Nasserite regime was the winner in its relations with Soviets, it puzzles me because I feel otherwise , I feel that the Soviets were the winners , they used to give us old weapons and their experts did not help us in our war 1973 , in fact some of them were spies. It is enough that they did know the timing of the six days war and did not inform us “of course for honesty we knew it too”  !!

This is Dr.Khalidi’s point of view of course , he is speaking about the fact the communist groups and parties were repressed and this is true , most of the communists in Egypt during the 1960s used to have fearful trips to Nasser infamous jails where as he used to meet with Soviet officials all the time.

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