Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Health Minister in Cairo Today

Here is the the video of Dr. Hatem Al-Gabali ,the minister of health in Cairo Today show last night. Of course Youm 7 e-newspaper claimed that he accused some specific party in the parliament to push the decision of executing the pigs in Egypt !!

Of course that party won’t be other than the MB !! Who else the government would blame in front of the whole world except those radical conservatives !! For sure for anyone who hates the MB and also those who do not know much about politics in Egypt will believe that claim the e-newspaper published. Since when our government respects the parliamentary decision !! Since when the NDP members approve on such decision pushed by the MB without the approval of their NDP administration !!?? Not to mention it is a presidential decree as far as I know !! Does the MB now influence the decision of Mubarak !!?? since when ??

I had my doubts. It is not the first time Youm 7 publishes something specious , we still remember the dangerous underground EMO cell !!

But to be honest I won’t be surprised if he accused them because this is how the government acts when it want to justify its decisions in front of the west world.

I had to watch the video because I read in the comments that he did not accuse anyone and thank God I found it in Youtube , it is not the complete show or rather segment but at least the most important parts in it concerning the minister’s visit to Pope Shounda III and the precautions the ministry has taken so far are there. Of course I wish if the complete segment was uploaded including the viewers' questions and the minister’s answers

The alleged accusation of the MB’s pressure  in the parliament was not included in the uploaded parts but I have seen the part where Fathi  Sorour  ,the speaker of Egyptian parliament was speaking on the phone defending the parliamentary decision.

  • It is 100% independent parliamentary decision based on professional and scientific opinions of health experts and vets like Dr. Mona Mehrez, the chief of  the animal research center that follows the ministry of agriculture.
  • It is not a random decision but rather a decision taken for the best interest of the Egyptian people.

Again this will be an insult to our minds if the minister comes out and says that the decision was taken because of the MB’s pressure as it is the President’s decision !!!

Anyhow tonight the minister will speak on TV again ,this time on Dream TV 2’ 10 PM night show.

By the way it is worth to mention that Dr. Abdel Azzim Wazeer ,the governor of Cairo has slammed the international criticism.

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