Thursday, May 28, 2009

Photo of The Week : You Won’t Believe What Can be Made in Egypt !!


Adorable shubby blonde baby wearing Made in Egypt T-Shirt by wonderful Zafir store in Zamalak.

According to comments about this wonderful shot, this baby is 1/2 Egyptian from his father side, 1/4 polish and 1/4 Sudanese from his mother side.Thus the Egyptian component is the dominant :) 

Zafir facebook group.


  1. Cute little baby! Thanks Zeinobia for this info about the t-shirt shop. This is great news coz I love buying Egyptian cotton t-shirt with Egyptian design on it. I used to buy the cotton t-shirt whanever I visited Egypt from the Safari shop near Marriott Hotel, Zamalek or the Safari at City Star. Will check it out. the link is under construction.

  2. No it is the Polish component that is dominant.


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