Monday, May 25, 2009

The Turks are not coming as they are already here

LA Times published a report about the inaugration of Salahdin school in Egypt which I wrote about it from two months ago.


  1. ottoman did a lot of bad things to Egypt and to Armenia also.

  2. Well this is the past and they were not alone in fact ,the French and British did bad things to our country
    Please check my post about the Armenian genocide.

  3. but the Ottoman are following the right religion and they were not infidels like the Britons and the french.

    i mean if the Muslims reclaim they follow the best and the right religion, why they act like the ones who follow the wrong and fake religions??

  4. My dear Bastwaisi I know since I read your first comment that you interfere religion in the issue as usual and through your racist mind you will begin attacking Islam.
    This has nothing to do with religion my dear regardless of what you think or believe
    Tell me why the Britons and French were bad !!?? tell me why the Japanese occupation was bad in Asia ??
    tell me why the Italian occupation in Africa was the worst??
    tell me why the Spanish committed genocides in South America ??
    tell me why the crusaders killed their follow Christian brothers who do not follow the same Church in the East ??
    Just like Some Ottoman sultans committed crimes against people using the name of Islam , there are many Kings who committed crimes by the name of Christ

  5. this has nothing to do with religions?!!!!!!
    you mean Islam has no influence on it's followers behavior??
    wow, you will get yourself in troubles girl with such statements.

    I'll tell ya why Britons, French, Japs, Spanish, Italians and crusaders did all this:
    they did it
    cuz they don't follow the most right religion,
    cuz they are infidels,
    cuz their religion is not the most right one which has not the most right influence on them.

    so why? why believers of the best religion ever act like infidels? hit me with a direct answer if you have instead of justifying their acts by already what bad people do.

  6. @Bastiwisi , whatever answer I will say ,you will not satisfy because you and me know the reason very well
    What I going to say is not for you dear
    But for the rest of the readers
    the Ottomans despite being the representatives of the Islamic Empire for many centuries they were not the right example of the perfect Islamic state , starting from the fact that it was a monarchy to the fact that they did not rule in a just way across their huge empire which made them hated across the Muslim World and made their empire fall.

  7. thanks anyway.

  8. Is speaking against a certain religion considered racism?

  9. What did ottomans do you? Just give example. Everbody seems love Turks here is that because we mad bad things to you?

    Armenian genocide is a total fake and lie. Do not believe what you heart. Just read history books, a friendly advice.

  10. @anonymous, when you reach to the level Bastawisi speaks about than this is racism

    @Ulas, first of all my great grand dad was a Turkish and i proud of it because he was great honorable man who loved Egypt till his death very much,I respect the Ottaman Empire but I can't deny or forget that they were not the just rulers in the world just like any other empire you can't deny that if we look back to the history we will find that there was a huge discrimination for Arab citizens in their own countries ,it was a terrible mistake.

    Second Bastawisi does not recognize any history written by any Muslim or anyone who says something good about Muslims


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