Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Happened To The Egyptians ??

Some Egyptians are and they have to be shocked after the footage of the inhuman execution of pigs was published online. I was at first shocked and angry at how these animals were killed alive. It is against everything we believe in Islam which calls for mercy and it was no wonder to find that the Clerics of Azhar themselves attacking these procedures . Of course those men in the video do not know that they are insulting Islam and Egypt with these acts , I must hint out that they act based on higher orders ,the video managed in short to create buzz and the parliament now officially is investigating this incident.

I think my stand from the pigs slaughter in Egypt is well known to everybody yet I refuse that they would slaughter or rather exterminated i this inhuman way. For God Sake in our religion a woman is sent to hell because she did not give a cat water when it was thirsty !!

I do not know what to say but why the people are so amazed that some people in Egypt are dealing with animals like that , of course this is besides the normal animal abuse in the Egyptian society from mistreatment to horses and donkeys !!

I believe that those who abused humans or animals are abused persons themselves who are trying to prove their power over the weakest creatures they can find in front of them , it is just symptom.

There is a distributing level of violence and hate in the society increasing lately , last week Egypt was shocked by a serious of murders where women ,children and even a whole family were killed .


I do not have doubt that the murderer who killed or rather slaughtered those two innocent children was abusing animals in a way or another. By the way the one who killed them was their own cousin !!

You may not see a relation but I see in represented in the increasing level of violence and the lack of mercy.

Last week a murder happened in Alexandria in a busy street were everybody was watching including children who are indifferently acted to the crime as if it were a normal daily scene.

Why do you expect that people will treat animals well if they do not treat each other well in the first place ?? I do not know how to express it more but we are turning from bad to worse in Egypt.


  1. the crime is always wide spread in Egypt, just the recent talk shows start to expose it.

  2. Yes there are always crimes in Egypt but it were not like that.

  3. Crime is a norm in Egypt ever since there is no law and most of the law authorities are busy protecting the NDPs, their families and the rich. 10 years ago we dont hear such crimes so wide spread as right now. Beit El Bertak show a man stabbed a guy and there were pool of blood and people just watching not doing anything! where is the law and where the police! women were kidnapped and raped in daylight even in Macro bus, pedophiles is everywhere in Egypt now. Egypt is not a safe place anymore.

  4. I agree anonymous , I remember from 10 years ago how it was safe to walk in the streets alone and how we did not have such bloody crimes except very rare.
    The Police now does not serve the people but rather the ruler of the people


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