Friday, May 8, 2009

When A Farah is turned in to A Memorial Service

Farah means in Arabic happiness and in our Egyptian accent it is the wedding , in Afghanistan Farah now means sadness , it means a memorial service !!
The city with old history witnessed a terrible crime against its civilian people when the American army launched an air raid on the state killing more than 100 civilians in one of the worst and deadliest attacks since the invasion of Afghanistan !!
86433210Regretting what happened from the American official side won’t solve anything. A proper investigation with penalties would be great ,those people who have died are pieces of chess I am afraid , they were real people.
The Obama administration needs to re-think over and over about their strategy in Afghanistan. I do not see how the Americans will win this so-called war in Afghanistan if they are facing guerrilla war in mountain environment not to mention that Taliban with no doubt has a back up from Russia , yes their old enemy , but come on they are fighting their old ally nowadays !! It is the game of politics my friends !!
Obama can’t use his charm this time.The people of Afghanistan have the right to be angry from the coalition forces especially from the Americans , Taliban is for sure thankful for the American troops as by these *mistakes* they are gaining power and popularity among Afghani people.
The mission is not accomplished in Afghanistan just like in Iraq because the real aim or aims of the mission were not declared in the first place with my all respect , I do not think that it was war on terrorism in the first place , I think it was about international politics and economy.
Bush administration wanted to control the oil of Caspian sea and also wanted to have a stand on both Russian and Iranian borders  ,may be the Russian borders more than the Iranian borders and this is the reason why some sources believe that the Russians are supplying Taliban.Already Moscow did not deny that it opened a channel with the moderate members in Taliban !!
I am so angry for what has happened in Farah and I even more angrier that the media did not give the incident its real place it deserves.

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  1. You have condemned the U.S. and you can't possibly be certain of the facts. Why not wait and learn what really happened before you take such a hard position? Afghan forces were ambushed and asked for help from the Marines.The incident is being investigated. Here is a link to the report posted in Salon which is hardly a conservative site.


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