Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Be Diplomat and Pay The Ticket !!

Can Someone please make me understand why our Egyptian diplomats do not pay their tickets in New York ??

Can Someone please make me understand why our Egyptian diplomats do not obey the traffic rules in the city they are in ??

Can Someone please tell me why our Egyptian diplomats in NY do not understand that they represent us ??

Again Our diplomats unpaid parking tickets in NY City are making the headlines , we should pay to NY city more than $1.9 Million because of our unpaid diplomat parking tickets !!

To be honest I am not surprised because these diplomats do not come from a country where traffic rules are respected and traffic tickets are paid !! If you have a connection in Egypt ,you are off the hook of paying the tickets !! They think that with their diplomatic passports they are off the hook !!

Strangely the second country that comes after us for not paying the parking tickets is Kuwait !! I do not get it $1.3 Million is nothing for the Kuwaiti government , the Kuwait government paid more that for Katrina hurricane aid for God sake !! This is not Egypt I am afraid

It is so shameful , I wonder why Amr Adeeb has not brought up this issue if he is so keen on our reputation abroad so much !!??


  1. Virtually any diplomats pay their parking tickets in New York City. The Egyptian diplomats are no better or worse than the others.

  2. well diplomats have what we call diplomatic immunity, that's why they don't have to pay their fines
    which is, in my opinion, not a good idea, because then people are treated differently due to their social status, which is, as we hopefully all know, not very democratic
    and egypt also made headlines in the UK btw

  3. @anonymous, I hope they understand this and respect themselves.

    @JB , I do not like this diplomatic immunity too despite I know it is useful for certain proposes related to national security , unfortunately it is often used in a bad way speaking for our experience with the diplomatic society in Egypt
    I am not surprised that we made headlines in UK too :(
    I hope our diplomats pay their tickets in UK too

  4. this time you're being too harsh on your country

  5. You need to pay a visit to the Egyptian consulate in NYC; then you will wonder why our diplomats don't pay for their mistakes. Despite the fact that the consulate is located in the heart of Manhattan, you'd get the feeling that you are inside a typical one of those "el se'gil el madany" offices as soon as you enter their facility... not to mention the mentality of those whom you'd get to deal with!

  6. yes it is true diplomats have an immunity but in NYC you dont get it when it comes to parking tickets. You will have to pay since NYC is a very congested city. Every Embassy in NYC knows this and obey by it rules except Egypt and the other Arab Embassies! We were told the police will tow our cars even we have diplomatic plate on our car when we park it on no zone parking and we will have to pay for the fines! I think Egyptian diplomats has been pampered and all the expenses been paid by Egyptian Government they think they will get away with. Egypt is the only country that gave even diplomatic passport to parents in law!!!

  7. @anoymous, I am harsh because those diplomats represent my country in the end and the Press abroad is even more harsh when it comes to Egypt
    Well I think Obama can collect the money from us and the Kuwaitis to pay the tickets in London

    @Hina Wa Hank, I am not surprised , already the recruitment of the diplomats currently is based on connections then other qualifications needed in diplomat who should represent his country in the best way ever
    I am not surprised

    @anonymous, parents in law do not have diplomatic passports in Egypt check from your info , I have members in my family who used to work as diplomats including two former ambassadors

  8. We have a new staff that just came on about six months ago. And they are doing everything within their capacity to remedey they situation. And mister Hussein Mubarak is doing an impecable job as consul general. And refering to OUR consulate as a 'sigil' is not fair for the hard working men and women of our foreign service!

  9. diplomats (including Egyptian ones) should not pay any tickets in any country !! this is what the international law says ..zeinobia--- the Egyptian diplomatic corp is not based on connections at all , i sat for the exam 4 times and o know the system of foreign service very well


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