Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fragments on The Notes of Naksa : They Are Still Syrian Occupied Golan Heights

Is it a coincidence that in the particular month of June and what it holds for Arabs for bad memory that the talk about the international legal description of Syrian Golan heights is brought up provocatively in Wikipedia ??

It seems that the nationality of Golan is disputed !! Here is the Syrian Golan heights page in Wikipedia

How it could be disputed !!?? Golan heights are Syrian ,they were occupied by Israel in 1967 , that does not make them Israeli with my respect , the people of Golan are keen to keep their Syrian identity regardless of the Israeli attempts.

The Israeli government can claim whatever it wants to claim but they know that Golan will return back to Syria in whether in War or in Peace between the two countries “It can return back again to its mother country in war if the current Syrian regime is down and another democratic regime powerful and daring enough to put an end for this dilemma replaces it, Israel knows this fact very well and fear the existence of .”

Please read this post for Syria News Wire in order to see how You can help , I hope that Egyptian and Arab Wikipedians participate in correcting this awful mistake.

It is enough that the Golan was lost in even much worse way than Sinai not to mention that the El-Assad regime all those years did not use its military power to restore back ,instead it used that military power against its own people , I swear if half intelligence efforts used by El-Assad regime against its own people were and  are used against Israel ,it could have restored Golan back from a long time.

Speaking about the circumstances surrounding the loss of Golan, I would like to share with you couple of posts I wrote in the 40th anniversary of Naksa 1967 :

    Golan is so beautiful more you can imagine .
    Here are some photos I found in 1967 after the six days war for the Golan :


            1. As you so conveniently forget Israel conquered the Golan Heights and the Sinai when Syria and Egypt in 1967 vowed to drive Israel into the sea. You can deny it all you want. It is just in accord with your Islamic practice of ignoring what is inconvenient. Maybe Egypt and Syria would not have lost the Six-Day War if their soldiers had not fled so cowardly from the Israeli soldiers or given themselves up to the Israeli soldiers at first sight. Why, even in 1948, when Israel first declared its independence, and had no arms and no money, they were able to defeat the armies of several Arab countries. Oh, those Arabs, they are so courageous! I see no encouraging signs that you have gained any intelligence, and I have no intention of ignoring your blog. I see it as my civic duty to correct your distortions.

            2. And from the Israeli practices is to kill your enemies whether civilians by napalm bombs or POWs 'protected by international laws" !!
              I hate to remind you that in 1948 there would be no Israel if it were not for the British intervention, this is something I did not learn from our education systems by the way ,it is something I knew from reading our Arabic unknown history
              My dear some of our coward Soldiers fought back
              They did not withdraw because of fear ,they did not give damn to the IDF powers ,they had to leave because of orders ,they proved that they can conquer the IDF in 1973
              My dear it seems that you are living in the legend of the unconquered army , wake up dear from your own distortions
              They were not like the IDF who escaped from South of Lebanon in 2000
              Israel knew that the Arab regimes were bluffing yet it attacked ,killed innocent people and took land that is not its ,there is no excuse what so ever to take land that is not yours
              I think it is the worse excuse ever to claim that you kill innocent people and people protected by international laws to protect your people , it is an insult to your people

            3. Here we go again, distorting history and ignoring facts to prove your point. Israel invaded Gaza because for years Hamas terrorists had been shooting rockets into Israeli towns near the border with Gaza. Israel has never killed POWS; that is a stupid allegation, but Arabs certainly have. You are talking about British intervention? What intervention? As I hope you know, the British ruled Palestine from 1917 and 1948. The left Palestine in May 1948, but not before giving arms to the Arabs. Despite that, the Arabs lost of course. You can repeat any stupid allegation you want; I can refute it. I know there is no hope of my convincing brainwashed Arabs; I just want to correct any misconceptions that non-Arabs may get from your drivel. If Egypt and Syria said that they were going to drive Israel into the sea, how would Israel know they were bluffing as you claim? Israel took the threats seriously, as it should have. This is a prime example of how you ignore and distort inconvenient facts.

            4. Oh really what about the Egyptian POWs mess graves found every day in Sinai
              oh more about that what about the testimonies of the israeli officers themselves !!??
              Stop using and repeating big words you do not know what they really mean http://egyptianpows.net/1967-war/various/
              knock yourself out with these
              you are the one who is so distorted

            5. No Israeli officers ever so testified. That is a fabrication invented by Arab propoganda. There may be graves of Egyptian soldiers killed in battle, dishonorably buried in mass graves by the Egyptian army themselves. Why weren't their bodies brought back to Egypt to be buried as is fitting?; what an outrage! But as usual, you are getting worked up about something make-believe. Why aren't you outraged that the bodies of those Egyptian soldiers were so dishonorably buried in mass graves? But as usual you use facts on the grounds to make distorted allegations about Israel.

            6. I hope that sleep has refreshed your brain and you now can think clearly, although I seriously doubt it. Anybody can print any nonsense they want on the Internet; I do not trust your sources. Why is it that there are 21 Arab countries and they are mostly basket cases? And please don't go blaming the evil West again. Are you even capable of looking at your own culture and its shortcomings? Can you even fathom that there might be something wrong with Arab culture, that you cannot blame the West for? I seriously doubt it.

            7. I am not the Anonymous with all the critical, often rude comments, but I think he unfortunately is winning every argument with Zeinobia. It is food for thought.

            8. Wow, that rude low-class anonymous sure has an obsession with your blog, and more with Islam and Arabs. A pure example of what that ideology of racism, hate, children-killing and land theft (also known as ZIONISM) teaches!

            9. @ Zionist anonymous , I wish they were fabrications but they are not , Regarding your questions or rather poor imagination which I can totally understand,you can't imagine your honorable Modern massada army to do so , you can't debate me in here and turn the table on me this time
              Well first of all there were no battles in 1967 ,check your own officers memories , the Egyptian army received strict orders to leave Sinai ASAP as our airforces were destroyed without an engagement with the enemy what so ever still some brave men stood and fought back
              Second of all the survivors could tell not exactly where the exact locations of the mass graves because simply there were left in the Middle of the desert , the Bedouins in North sinai especially in Arish till now know the exact locations of the mass graves because they had witnessed the massacres by their own eyes , they were the ones bravely enough to bury the bodies as much as they could from those found in the city
              Why we did not bury them back to Cairo , well in Islam it does not matter where you are buried
              Of course you won't believe them because they are Arab Muslim Egyptians in the end , I do not care for this but you can't deny the physical evidence
              Third this is not an Arabic propaganda regardless what you claim
              Was Rush Shaked an Egyptian Arabic production ??
              I will post the link again , now the videos are fixed
              http://egyptianpows.net/1967-war/the-shaked-affair/rush-shaked/The Israeli testimonies are all from Israeli famous people I am afraid in your military history again you did not read the names nor the testimonies
              Why do you think USS Liberty was drowned in the first place ??
              You know it did not happen in 1967 , it also happened in 1956 and the ones who exposed were Israeli journalists too http://egyptianpows.net/1956-war/idf-war-crimes/israeli-confessions/
              I want you to check this link http://www.crimesofwar.org/thebook/arab-israeli-war.html
              this one too
              and again and these are just quick links my refreshed mind can find http://www.kawther.info/K20060907A.html
              Read for once before you jump in immediately to reply
              What arguments exactly I am losing now !!??
              It is clearly that anonymous has only one argument he or she is insisting on which is to attack me and my people are Egyptian Arab Muslim people who do not deserve to live on the same earth he lives on ,he or she is racist and rude to the bones
              whom shall I argue with ??
              There is an old Arab proverb which says ' They throw me with stones yet they can't reach me because I am high like Palm trees'
              There is another proverb I am thinking of but I can't write it because my religion and ethics made me respect those who differ with me.

              @anonymous#3, yes sick obsession from the kind of the Russians are coming ,the Russians are coming !!

            10. Thank you Zenobia for reposting my link. I really hope we can make a difference. It is now in the hands of Wikipedia's editors to decide who is right. We have an overwhelming majority on the comments page, so let's hope the truth is published for all to see.


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