Friday, June 26, 2009

Imagine IF He Were Nazif

This is an old video from Czech Republic from 2006 ,these two men were officials during that time. The man who hit the guy is Mirslav Macek ,the former deputy prime minister in Czech republic and the guy who refused the blow and came back to fight with Macek is former minister of health David Rath.

It is comic video for sure but back then it was not comic or funny for the two men , it was for a personal issue ; Rath had insulted Macek’s wife in the press and before your mind takes to some where far like mine I have to tell you that Rath only said that Macek had married his wife only for money !!

Well I do not see that it deserved all that , yes it is none of Rath’s business to speak about Macek’s marriage but .. it was an international humiliation , neither of the two men are remembered abroad for their achievements but for their fight. What interests me is the reaction of the audience , this was supposedly a dentists conference ,which means those who attended are from dentists and doctors not from third degree boxing fans !!

Anyhow why I posted this old video , well when I saw I imagined Ahmed Nazif doing the same for Hatem El-Gably and it was just even more hilarious with the facts that Nazif too tall and El-Gably is already short so imagine the fight by the two men till the end !!

Or even better imagine Macek was Gamal Mubarak and Rath is Ahmed Ezz !!!!!!!!!!! Lol

Just imagine and you won’t stop laughing ;)


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