Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Princess Farial is in Egypt

King Farouk , Queen Farida and daughter

Yes you have read it right. Princess Farial ,the eldest daughter of King Farouk is currently in Cairo. I think El-Muslamany was not bluffing when he said that she is going to appear in his show after all.

From the Egyptian Chronicles Archives :


  1. Felt sorry for her. Egypt is her homeland and her right but she is cast as an outsider from her own country and life as a Princess she suppose to go thru' instead the revolution officers which Mubarak is one of them enjoying that priviliges and living like a King with no birth right!!! I bet you all these bad revolutionary officers including Gamal Abdel Nasser, the former Defence Minister and those who have abuse their power already paid their sins in the grave yard and soon Mubarak will be another one and his family too!

  2. Dear anonymus , Mubarak was not from the free officers , in fact he was the first President to be from outside the group , he was still in the academy then.
    I do not think that she is cast as outsider on the contrary.
    let the graves matters to be in the hands of God

  3. Let's hope she fixed those godawful teeth of hers. If she can afford to live in expensive Switzerland with her dogs and her garden, she can go and fix her teeth. Maybe she is in Egypt to fix her teeth. One word for her: Dentures!

  4. This is very rude and mean comment , this is all what I can say

  5. @ Zeinobia, Oh I thought Mubarak was from the free officers group but still he is acting like all of them! What I meant to say she was deprived of her rights to live in her own country and I am sure she and her siblings and the King Farouk was loved by many Egyptian people.

    Yes you are right! that is very rude and sarcastic! She lives in Switzerland because she was force to live her country so where Anon. would expect her to live? I have respect for her and her siblings for working so hard to make a decent living and same time the mafia of the free officers they lived in her palace like a king and queen and before revolution this people used to live in a mud house! So Anon. dont try to be smart about the Princess, talk about the free officers the thieves!

  6. @anonymous#1, anonymous#2 wants her to be artificial like the free officers ladies and daughters the nip/tuck type ladies who can't live without botoux or blonde dye !! This woman was taking after both her brother and sick sister for God sake for years besides earning her living in a society that does not look to her past !!


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