Friday, June 26, 2009

This is Why Traffic Was a Mess

Via Affendina

Now I found why  traffic in Cairo and Giza was more than terrible last Tuesday ; I know that Medvedev was visiting Cairo on that day and this is what made our Capital paralyze, he visited the Egyptian Museum and the Arab league after his meeting with Mubarak in the morning but I did not know why Giza has to suffer especially near the Embassy ,he did not visit the embassy as far as I know.

Well it turned out that Mr.Medvedev had visited the Pyramids Plateau too , he is not less than Barack Obama !!  Ok he wanted to visit the Pyramids but his visit has paralyzed the city even in worst way than Obama’s visit !! Already most businesses were closed in Obama’s visit. I just wonder why they did not give the city a day off unofficially just like in Obama’s day !! Do they make the Russians suffer when Mubarak travel to Moscow ??

Why do not they use helicopters to transfer our distinguish guests to the pyramids ???

Here is Medvedev in the pyramids trying to show that he is just like Obama , young and smart



RP.4Zahi did not accompany him and give him his so-called Zahi’s fedora !!


With my all respect to him ,yes he is young and good looking Russian but he is so cold ,seriously so so cold.

Medvedev by the way received the same reception Obama had received and Mubarak again did not receive  him at the airport just like Obama despite the fact I think the Russian President receives the guests at the airport if I am not mistaken.


  1. I cannot believe you have not commented on the death of Michael Jackson yet...

  2. I was the first one in the Egyptian blogosphere to comment about his death , I know it is huge loss for his fans but for me he was a symbol of contradiction

  3. Cairo traffic IS ALWAYS A MESS.

  4. On that day it was more than a mess


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