Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two Photos

I could not resist myself from posting these photos

Mubarak and Medvedev Mubarak and Medvedev in Cairo, this is the first visit for Medvedev to Cairo , interesting to know that before this presidential visit Egypt deported Al-Azhar Russian Students from Chechen origins to Russia.

The second photo is for Gamal Mubarak taken earlier this morning in the reception of our national football team in Cairo international port :

s6200923144328  He is more thinner than the last time I saw him !!

1 Another photo , now there is a third photo .


  1. زنوبيا
    مش تعرفى المثل اللى بيقول الكبير كبير والنص نص

    ابوعلاء لازم يكون كبير
    وجمال لازم يكون نص

    وسمعنى اجدع سلام

  2. lol :)
    سلام الجمهورية

  3. HIV? Or maybe stress from not being able to have any children yet? Marital problems perhaps? He looks very bad and very skinny, poor man.

  4. @anonymous yes very rich poor man !!


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