Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unneeded Interview

Yesterday the Egyptian National TV aired the first interview for President Mubarak since the death of his son and after his disturbing appearance with Obama.

Yes it was disturbing by all measures , Mubarak did not meet Obama at the airport nor he did go down the stairs to meet Obama in the Kobbah Palace. His terrible images with Obama were enough,he was very old , thin and clearly sick. The fact that both men did not follow the protocols and there was no honor guards march raised questions about the health of the 81st years old president without a vice


It seems the Obama speech tweets have reached to the presidency as on the same day in night  on Hayat TV I found that our former ambassador Nabil Fahmy in D.C saying that Mubarak did not meet Obama at the airport and he met him at the Kobbah Palace because the American President does not meet his counter presidents in the airport too !!! Not to mention the French president does not meet his visitors in the airports too !!!??

It was not convincing because Mubarak always receives his guests in the airports according to our protocol,he has always received the American presidents even Bush in their worst relations , why now ?? Since when !!??

The photos of Mubarak were more convincing evidence than any official or unofficial justification ,the man is not as he used to be.

Already you do not need too much brain to realize that Mubarak is not ok, Mubarak is 81 years old , people retire in the age of 60 years old for God Sake , not to mention the tragic loss of his grandchild.

Now as I hinted the Presidency knows that it deals with smart people and thus it needs to show that his fine , they know that we will know if they publish old photos or footages and thus they need fresh evidence that he is still kicking.

And so on last Wednesday we found our President who did not receive his guest nor listen to his historical speech at Cairo University was going to visit Aswan and the high dam !!

Not that only he made an interview to the Egyptian National TV too and I wish that he did not !!! Now I feel more concerned about the future of this country more and more.

Here is the interview :

This interview should not be aired at all. He looks too old, thin and what the hell he was speaking about for God Sake !!?? Seriously what is this ??

Who is that woman who called him because her husband can’t be treated in Egypt ?? and this is just the start !!

I do not want to go and speak about the Nubia issue because it is too big and clearly our president is not in his best status to speak about a very important matter to our national security.

Do we have to wait more till he speaks like Habib Bourguiba in his last days !!??

This was unneeded interview.


  1. امال ايه كان مطلوب غير انه يطلع ويتكلم؟

    يفضل كل يوم يظهر كده او ميظهرش واحنا نقول ده تعبان ده بيموت؟ احسن انه طلع واتكلم وشفناه عن قرب عشان نكون على بينة من حالته.

  2. Haha! I never knew the old man was so generous! No wonder the entire Egyptian society praises him!

    This was so funny!! :') He's getting old and starts to say stupid things. Who does he thinks he can fool? Well... He has at least still some Egyptian aspects such as humor.

    It is time to wither away old Pharao.

  3. @Ghafari, I do not know this interview will make more concerned than than they want , i do not know if this is a bless or a curse

    @Medsha, and who will come after the old pharaoh


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