Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Media Show !!??

Ayman Nour’s announcement that he will run for presidency is weird when you think about especially when you know that legally he can’t for the following reasons :

  • He is still convicted in front of the law , he was not released because he was innocent , he was released for health reason , he can’t run for parliament not even for presidency except after some years.
  • His party Al Ghad according to my information is not represented in the parliament and  according the article 76 in our latest constitution amendment :

He can run for the office if his party has got at least 3% from the total seats in the assembly and shura council or 3% in one of the two councils.

Still there is an exclusion for this case ,though I do not know it can apply for him

Any party that has at least one seat in any of the councils in the last election has the right to participate in any presidential elections going to be held in Egypt in the next 10 years starting from May 2007 as long as the member chosen for the candidacy is a member in the supreme committee of the party.


Technically speaking Nour’s party Al Ghad had members in the parliament like loud mouth Regad Hamida who left him and joined Moussa Mustafa Moussa front. Nour needs to find him some MP to give his party the right to participate in the first place.

This is from the legal constitutional way , of course you read the article again you will know why we opposed it , it is tailored from Gamal Mubarak and the NDP.

I do not understand the game Nour is playing this time , he can be excellent opposition figure but to run for presidency this time will be hard.

Already I do not get how he will run for the office this time ,will be based on the public opinion or pressure coming from abroad demanding a liberal candidate in a free democratic elections or will be based upon the fact that Gamal Mubarak needs an opponent like Nour to give the next elections the democratic tough touch to justify his win in front of the world !!??

Nour after presenting his nomination papers Ayman Nour leaves the Presidential Elections Committee after presenting his nomination papers.

Time will tell.

scroll down for article 76 at page 4

Egyptian Constitution amendments -


  1. I am so happy that the good arab girls, proud female arabs and muslims makes their voice heard. Too long only the shit-"arab"girls the west want to read about have taken all the space in the internet.

    I hope you stay strong and continue bloging!!! Thanks ya ammora

  2. thank you much for comment Arab Sweden , I am so flattered


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