Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do Not Underestimate The Power of Human Mind

Just because we do not know how to explain these great wonders with our minds  we must jump to the conclusions that an alien civilization had interfered and built them. Our minds now accept  facts on scientific calculations based on technologies and computers and some people unfortunately find it hard to accept the idea that human race that can make wonderful amazing things without the use of machine but rather with human will which can produce technology we do not know and won’t understand either !!!??

Yes there are certain stuff we can’t explain with our modern mind and modern science , yes there are certain stuff we can’t know from the past because it is history and not all history is meant to be known to us

I am not a professional Egyptologist but I will comment the part concerning the pyramids of Giza because it annoys me so much ,it is enough to know that Obama believed that they were built by aliens and that is why Zahi Hawas  took him to the Pyramids builders cemeteries which are clearly ignored in this documentary by  way “I thought he was referring to the Jews but it turned worst and he was referring to Aliens !!” . All of the speakers in the documentary speak of the pyramids of Giza as they were the first buildings of their kind in Egypt , I do not know why they do ignore the facts that there were other pyramids that were built before the Giza pyramids. These other pyramids clearly show that the ancient Egyptians did not come with that magnificent design in day or night because as normal humans their designs were evolving starting from Mastaba to the stepped pyramids to these wonderful pyramids !!??

Why do they ignore the rest of the pyramids in Egypt and also in Nubia !!???

Why do they ignore the fact the Egyptian may have reached to the idea of the pyramid to protect their kings and queens final resting in the old kingdom where the capital was in Memphis because simply the Nile flood was drowning the land and thus the bodies were drowning too  !! Already up till to this moment unlike other Islamic countries we the Muslims in Egypt do not bury our dead directly to the ground because of this problem !!???

Speaking  about the Nile flood why not one of these alien theorists think about the possibilities that these huge stones where cut from Aswan and transferred to Memphis then , Giza now during the Nile flood using the power and strength of the river Nile in its wildest and violent moments in the year to help in building the Giza Pyramids !!???  I know there are other unanswered questions regarding the Pyramids constructions yet we should suddenly go to the easy answer and say aliens !!??

Moving to the Dendera light at Dendera temple complex, ok may I ask where is the plug ?? where is the electricity source ?? May be the ancient Egyptians had some technique to keep their torches up !! May be they do reached to electricity with no help for E.T  and Co. and  it was like a divine secret for the priests , may be they reached to another sort of energy we do not know !! The picture is clearly 800px-Dendera_light_002 something related to their mythology back then , I see  a Lotus with a snake inside and two hands , already did not anyone bother to translate exactly what was written beside that drawing because certainly it is related to the drawing !!?? I do not know from where Erich von Däniken is saying that Dendera temple’s priests trade secret was light , well the main Goddess of the temple is Hathor which represented motherhood and feminine love  to the ancient Egypt and yet there is a small section from the temple dedicated to Ra , the main God of Sun then I can’t find a relation between that trade secret or special knowledge the priests knew in Dendera. If light bulbs and electricity were truly the trade secret or specialty of the priests in that temple , I assume the temple would be full of that light bulb over and over not just twice !!??

That Baghdad battery just like those skeptical scientists were saying in the documentary may be used only for stones and gems nothing more ,nothing else. Already I am not surprised that the sons of Mesopotamia had made such device , of course I will hear someone saying “Wait Mesopotamian civilization was built with the help of E.T” and I will answer back I am not surprised because the great decedents of Mesopotamia like Al-Hazen to reach for inventions and theories that consider the basis of our modern sciences.

Al-Hazen leads me to something , what about the Islamic Arabic civilization in the Middle age , is not it strange that there was no mention of E.Ts where as we got all those inventions and discoveries in time ignorance was controlling more than half of the world !!!??

That so computer device in Greece or rather Antikthera mechanism I do not find it so strange or great in that time because again during the Islamic era in the Middle ages there were similar astrolabes devices used in navigation I know for sure that in 2009 we do not know how they operate exactly !! We are forgetting something here , during there ,there was no aviation, navigation was the only way to connect the Greek isles , it is a simple rule than whenever you master and specialize in something , you will innovate in it.

Where are those aliens now ?? why did they left earth ?? Or it is just like Space Odyssey 2001 !!?? And even if there were aliens , who “from creationist’s point of view like me” or how “ for evolutionists’ point of view ” they were made !?? For everything there must be a start !!??

Regarding those Holy books with similarities in mystical stories, why can’t we say that these books come from one God but humans by time changed them !!?? Why can’t we say that human nature is one  and despite the difference in race , in color and in geographical location our ideas are similar !!??


  1. Watch the Arrivals on www.wakeupproject.com

    It discusses the role of Aliens in modern day society as well as the building of the pyramids by the Egyptians. You should watch it if only to get a different perspective on what is going on in the world today.

  2. I think one of the biggest problem is in our world is we are very forgetful; even when important events are recorded we still forget them.

    So, how can we remember what we do not under stand/know! With a harmonus mind & body the human being is able to have any thought come to life, eg., the possibility for harnessing electricity was always there - we just did not know untill someone harness it. the human thought has brought the gatling gun, flying, space travel and so many others. Why not just ask the question await the answers! if you truely seek it will come, you will find the methods to answer all your questions.

    Ms light


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