Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Egyptian X-File : Cinderella's Rank

Soad Hosni was not working as agent , she had an official rank in the intelligence
The former Spy Chief of Egypt from year 1981 to 1983
Former head of military intelligence during the Youm Kippur war
Last month in an interview with El-Khamis tabloid
The famous general did not stop at here , he admitted that sex is used in the secret service world , he attacked Salah Nasr saying that the wrong practices of his era from using sex for personal proposes .etch stopped by his fall and that despite sex is an essential part in the secret service war he did not use it in his work so God would bless his effort. Ah and personally he believes that Soad Hosni was murdered !!!!!!! :;)
You do not too much brain to do a little calculation especially after reading his interview that Hosni may have been killed because of her years working for the Egyptian intelligence during the Salah Nasr era especially that Soad according to many sources was going to publish a tell-all autobiography that would help her return back to Egypt. Soad suffered a lot in her illness and she was nearly broke , this book would have helped her financially a lot and it would return her back as a major star.
Still I believe General Nasar words could be taken out of context especially he was direct in his answers and did not elaborate more.Nasar did not accuse the GIS from near or far ,he was just stating facts. This is something should be clear , he personally believes that she was killed but whom killed her God knows !!??
No one dared to debate the general even Soad’s siblings whom always denied the fact that she worked for the  GIS during Salah Nasr era despite it is officially documented in the case in front of the courts !! No one dares to debate him even from the regime ,everybody knows that this man does not bluff, he can’t bluff.
Minister Abdel Salam Mahgoub was the only one to comment on the general’s statements ,of course I should remind you that Mahgoub is an ex-intelligence officer , successful and famous one too. His comment was something I expect from someone with his experience:
General Fouad is our master, I did not know that Soad Hosni was collaborating with the intelligence nor did I see her during my work there , still if our master Fouad says that she was working then he knows better, he was the spy chief and all documents were under his hand.
This is the only reaction I read for someone in the GIS to comment on Nasar’s statements. Of course he did not deny but rather confirmed what his boss had said indirectly.
As I said no one dared to discuss what the general said as if it were deliberately , this year’s Soad Hosni memorial debates were the usual about her 6 years marriage from Halim “her family at last admitted it” and the claims of veteran Spy "Gomaa El-Showan” that he married the Cinderella for some time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not even ask about Gomaa El-Showan. You know I believe that the media enlarged El-Showan’s claims to hide Nasar’s statements.
If You are an old reader for Egyptian Chronicles or if you are an Egyptian or Arab you will know that legendary Egyptian star Soad Hosni aka Cinderella died in 2001 in London in a very strange accident , she fell from her friend’s apartment balcony in Stewart tower in London and despite all the evidence found in the case that proved Soad was killed ,the file was closed officially as a suicide !!
Back to Nasar’s statements , I do believe she was killed but again not on the hands of the current intelligence , I believe she was killed by the hands of the old intelligence ,the Nasr intelligence , some of them are living in London where as other who currently occupy important positions in the regime and fear to be damaged when her memoirs, the memoirs of the most famous and beloved actress Soad Hosni . Yes Etmad Khorshid has her tell all book exposing everyone and everybody in 1960s but Etmad in the end is a vulgar big mouth woman whom many disrespect and thus discredit where as Soad is the lovable girl of the 1960s , her book probably would be translated if it were published , it would be a best selling not only in Egypt but in the Arab world , it would be more than the talk of town. Soad hated those years and probably she would tell all for real especially that she suffered a lot in her illness and someone in the current regime worked too hard to make sure that suffers and she would never return
Soad Hosni’s X-Files despite the clues we got won;t be closed in this era, it won’t be closed in this regime era because it was opened in it.
It may sound strange but General Nasar spoke in a religious way regarding the use of sex in intelligence , in a religious way too I will say that one day the one who was actually behind her murder will end in even much worse way , there is divine justice.
Here are some rare photos for the Cinderella before the fame with her family ,her sister, her father and also with her ex-husband Ali Badr Khan and her Godfather Saleh Gahin.


  1. Souad -Allah yerhamha- has been abused by all, unfortunately since she was a "pretty woman" in their point of view, but her humanity has been smashed by this kind of life!

  2. I apologize for my late reply
    For sure Hicham she was devastated in a way we can't imagine it , it was obvious in the films she made after that black era that she did not forget easily those who hurt her so much


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