Monday, July 20, 2009

The First H1N1 Death in Egypt

Let the H1N1 death toll count starts in Egypt !!

Egypt officially has announced its first H1N1 fatal case Sunday evening. The ministry of health has announced the death of 25 years old woman coming from Omra at the Holy land in Saudi Arabia. The late young lady returned back to Cairo airport on the last 16th of July 2009. She entered the hospital in Ghariba Governorate “Delta” on the same day she arrived there.

She was carrying the virus from there and it seems that she suffered from huge implications , I believe her immunity was sick and that’s why she could not resist the virus.

May God bless her soul , I wonder why she was not discovered in Cairo airport , for sure travelling to Gharbia made her sick and weak more !!

I think among the Arab countries we have the first fatal case !!

Concerning the infection toll rate , well last time I followed it , they were only 102 , guess what they are now 127 in just 5 days  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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