Monday, July 6, 2009

Marwa El-Sherbany came back again to Egypt !!!

I know that I should not say this but she should have returned back with little boy and her husband alive.
Marwa's body has arrived to Cairo yesterday and it was received in the Cairo airport if I am not mistaken by 6th April movement according  to the photos I saw from the event last night taken by dear Ahmed Abdel Fatah
The German Ambassador in Egypt Bernd Erbel condemned the crime ,he also was among the people who received Marwa in Cairo airport along with her family, the ambassador met with her family and described the crime as a murder. I think Erbel knows how critical the position is currently and unfortunately it seems that back in Germany no one is giving him help and his wife literature salon won't help him in Egypt now ,the public is extremely angry.
A woman, A Mother, A pregnant, A Muslim, A Veiled Woman ,it is too much for us as a society after all. Today I read there were calls to boycott the German pharmaceutical companies !!
Of course I have just received good news from Twitter the prosecutor in Germany is going to charge Marwa's killer with murder not with manslaughter as it was announced earlier. I have to say that the manslaughter charge is part of our anger.
It turned out that the German security guards instead of saving Marwa have opened their fires on her husband !! Did they think that he was the one killing her ?? Were they blind ?? or this is another result of racist stereotype  " An Arab Muslim man who hurts his wife" , there should be another investigation regarding this incident, an Egyptian boy could have lost both his father and mother on that day.
Marwa's funeral is taking place right in Alexandria , people there are extremely angry
Where is the international media ??
Again if she were a lesbian , there would be a huge attention for her , unfortunately she is a straight Muslim woman !!
By the way I recommend you to read this post from Bikya Masr blog 
Will keep this post updated.
As I promised here are the updates with the latest photos of Marwa's funeral from Alexandrian Egyptian Blog  
More at the Alexandrian Egyptian Blog.
The people were extremely angry in the funeral , they attacked Germany and called President Mubarak to cut the relations. 
There were about 2000 mourners in the funeral.
Updates #2  
  • Here is the funeral prayer from Berlin 
Update#3 :
Here are the photos of the funeral by Ahmed Abdel Fatah
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  1. Hello,

    Honestly I don’t understand your or the egyptian media coverage (I read a lot and I’m displeased) – I told you before: there are no security guards in german courts when civil cases are taking place. The policeman (and not: policemEn) who shot the husband accidentally was in another courtroom (as a witness for another case) and came to help from there and obviously he didn’t correctly assesses the situation – because there was a fight between many people ongoing (and not just between Marwa her husband and the murder!). This police man will certainly be prosecuted for his fault – there are investigations ongoing right now. So: there were no police in the courtroom with Marwa, the policeman came from another place and tried to help but unfortunately he failed!
    And come on – there is a big media coverage and discussion in Germany. I know you just tell what the egyptian or arab media are telling you – but most of this is exaggerated and false. The german media don’t speak about manslaughter – from beginning on it was called a murder. This is just an information which circulate in the arab world. You should be more cautious – and I think you can, but you don’t wan’t to be.
    Yes, it is a terrible crime but something like that happens every day everywhere in the world. (e.g.: What’s about the problems between the muslim and coptic people in Egypt?) When I am in Egypt I’m usually accompanied by one to three policejeeps and up to fifteen policemen – because everyone in Egypt want’s to kill me - the police like to say! Does this mean, that every egyptian person is a killer or supporter of the few extremists which live in your country?

    Just to make you think about your coverage!


    ps: don’t believe the german BILD-Zeitung – nobody should read this paper!

  2. Allah yar7amha!

    And you stay strong arab and muslim sister! I like when proud arab and muslim females writes what they think freely. And not only write what the westerners want to read.

    Wich you good luck and i am proud of you!

    From your Arab brothers and sisters in Scandinavia.

  3. Please be assured that this senseless and disgusting act of murder is strongly disapproved all over Europe, and that it is hoped that the murderer will get the maximum penalty, not only for a woman who stood up for her rights, but also as a warning to any other crazy people.
    Just like Egypt, societies here in Europe are fighting against extremists. The murderer was just that: part of an extremist minority. He definitely does not represent the large majority of Europeans, who feel that people should be respected no matter what religion they belong to.
    My heart goes out to Marwa El-Sherbini's family.

  4. this for Luxor 1997 massacre.

  5. I just read it today... after almost 2 months of the bad things happen to Marwa.. May Allah bless her soul, as she died in jihad!! Straight to heaven, InsyaAllah... For me its kind of stupid if for others to think that all women who wear scarf are terrorist. if that so, we have many terrorist, including me, and my niece who is by the way 7 years old. Just imagine, how can 7 yrs old kids being called terrorist just because of wearing scarf.. and that guy, who killed her, are not terrorist, isn't. so, what is he?? a stupid deaf animal?? by the way, i dont mind what ever action to be taken against him, as, for sure, he will be burned in HELL forever...


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