Monday, July 13, 2009

Not A Just Judge

Mervat Abdel Fattah is an Egyptian woman who lived in upper Egypt whom in one day in October 2008 her life came to an end along with the baby she was carrying when some police officer kicked her stomach.In less than 10 minutes she died in front of 8 years old boy !!!

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To Read more about Mervat please check Mostafa’s post , of course I disagree with him on comparing Mervat with Dr.Marwa , already I do not have doubt that if Mervat was in the place of Marwa in that court room in Germany she would be killed and if Dr. Mawa was in the place of Mervat she would be also killed by that police officer.

Dr. Marwa’s case is filed under racism and hatred towards a whole religion and race Where as in case of Mervat it is unfortunately police brutality ,they are not the same thing still we should not forget them too.

Anyhow the officer who killed her Ahmed Anwar was sentenced one year in jail last April 2009 !! Yes one year ,it seems the judge considered it a manslaughter and he gave Anwar one year or may be he gave him six months  each for the mother and for the baby in her womb !!

In the last 2 months the Egyptian courts gave strict penalties for murder and manslaughter that reached to execution , these penalties make me wonder about the judge who ruled out this very light penalty : one year in jail.

A woman is killed while she is pregnant in front of her kid simply by a kick and the judge thinks it is ok to give the person who killed one year in jail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And why in the first place this officer would kick Mervat May God bless her soul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not know how he could get a light sentence seriously for such crime , please do not tell me he is a police officer because the police officer who killed Tamer Mashour , the handball player near the shooting club was sentenced 10 years in jail !!?? Is it because Mervat was from the country side , from the low working class where as later Mashour is from the high middle class that lives in Cairo !! I do not get it for real !!

I am not surprised or angry that much from Anwar because I know there are too many psychos in police just like him but I am angry from that judge who does not understand his real job . This judge seems to forget that there is something called divine justice which when it prevails ,it will hunt Anwar and him down for what they had done against Mervat and her unborn baby


  1. Unfortunately, the world sometimes comes up with these disappointing answers and we are left wondering why a man can kill and woman and child and be given 1 single year in jail. The justice system in most countries is a let down.

  2. this show how the judical system is fair and independent in Egypt.

  3. I saw his post and others relating the murder of Mervat -may Allah bless her soul- and Marwa -may Allah bless her soul- but the two cases are different but murder is murder.

    I don't know how he got only 1 year!


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